So My Hubby Un-Friended Me!

MY VIEWS | | March 3, 2010 at 9:03 pm

You read that right! He did! He un-friended me a while ago but the gall of the act still riles me and I decided I needed to share it with you. Oh, if you are wondering if we’re still together, well we are, but to the regular Facebook world we were not for a while. If you wondering what I am rambling about a few months ago I saw a common friend send me a Facebook friend request. I was about to “suggest” it to my hubby when I could not find him. I asked him and he told me he un-friended me.

I thought “WHAT!” and he (at least) had the decency to look away as he gave his (pathetic) answer. Apparently we had some argument (which I can barely recall) and he was angry so he did that. Now a cold shoulder, the silent treatment, an outburst – all these I get, but that would not fit into our social media soaked lifestyle I guess. I had no idea whether to be angry or laugh at it. And just in case you’re wondering he did re-friend me!


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