I Know About Child Hunger, And Wish No Child Should!

NEWS | | March 22, 2010 at 8:03 pm

I am sure you have read about my latest amazing initiative To End Child Hunger.   The statistics are alarming. The poverty rate is 14% in Massachusetts alone, with a rate of 18% nationally. Scary stuff, right? You can check out these along with other amazing statistics for your local region can be seen on the Child Hunger Ends Here site (click on About Child Hunger and then click on your area on the map).

Let me tell you why I want to help. I know personally about child hunger. It hit my home before I was born, in fact my sisters were already checking out trash cans for scraps to eat. My dad had lost his job and could not get the financials in order. When I was born my mom had to give me to her parents to take care of since she had nothing to feed a newborn. To cut a long story short, a few months later things got better and she got me home, but the pain of that period lived through as my mom told me the story a kazillion times. I want to help. I will help. I will be sharing more of this later and I hope you will support me.

Want to know how you can help?

  • You can buy specially marked Con Agra Food products and the company will donate a meal for each of those products purchased. Oh, did I mention that on the site there are even coupons you can print out? Helping you to help others, amazing, right?
  • Hold your own rally. Now it does not have to be something big, something of a dinner party or bake sale will do too. They even provide you the rally supplies. Check out site for more details.
  • Donate. You can just donate directly on the site and ensure that your funds gets used locally.

Disclosure: I am being paid a stipend to for my participation in the campaign which will include online and offline activities. It is my pleasure and privilege to be associated with this campaign.

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