How To Unfreeze Nook!

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UPDATE – You can win the Nook Color!

While reviewing the Nook (the eReader from Barnes and Noble) we asked our readers what their thoughts were. There were concerns about the Nook freezing and though we love the Nook we also love our readers. We were baffled with what we could do to help. We found that there were already troubleshooting steps out there and finally came up with the idea to add pictures. While both Mommy Niri and I are both pretty technical people (at least coming from Software Engineering backgrounds you would hope so) we felt that adding pictures would hopefully make those instructions easier to digest.

We take no responsibility for the instructions, they are not ours, we merely added our pictures.  Another wonderful service provided to you by

Happy reading!

Oh and you can win a Nook too!

We are listing the steps below but you certainly will want to check out the video!

1. Hold the power switch on nook for 20-30 seconds until it shuts off completely.  This should resolve the freezing issue when you turn the power back on.
2. If nook still freezes, you may need to remove the battery.  Face nook towards you and turn it upside down.  At the very top of nook, you will see the USB port with an indention next to it.  Place your middle finger on the indention and use the palm of your hand to pry the back cover off.
3. Now you should see the battery exposed. Remove the battery using a small screwdriver, similar to one associated with repairing eyeglasses, to remove the screw.
4. Connect nook to the AC wall adapter without the battery installed.
5. At this time, you should see “Device is starting” on the screen of your nook.
6. Replace the battery and screw while nook is connected to the AC adapter.
7. Verify that the yellow light next to the USB port is on. This indicates that it is charging.
8. Allow nook to charge using to the wall adapter for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure proper charge.
If these steps do not help, please call the Barnes & Noble help desk  at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665) and request Digital Support.
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