“Give It To Her, She Is Younger Than You!”

MY VIEWS | | March 24, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Amazing how many times I heard these words uttered and each time the same fury fills me up. I thought when my MIL uttered it I chalked it up to her age and tried to ignore it after my pleas to stop fell on deaf ears. I heard it several times since then. I just heard it again this week, at a pizza place no less – I wish I had said something to him.  Some of you may be wondering why it bothers me. I do not believe someone should get anything by virtue of their age – or rather age difference. That will always exist so does that mean that person should always get the upper hand?

I would hate for my younger daughter to believe she deserves to always go first and for my older daughter to someday resent that. It is ridiculous.  I wish these pathetic old age biases would stop.  In our home we take turns, and does not matter who you are, or what birth order you are. That is the way it will be.


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    Sky says:

    I’m am with you Niri. My MIL often says the same thing. Granted my two are 8 years in age difference, but I do no want my youngest to think that she is entitled to everything because she is the baby of the family.

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    Sheilacakes says:

    I agree. Everyone needs to take turns and no one is more deserving than anyone else regardless of age, birth order or gender.

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    winnie says:

    this was such a fun day.

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