Friday 5: 5 Signs That Mama Needs A Vacation!

FRIDAY 5 | | March 19, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Friday is here and that means it is time for this weeks dose of the Friday 5 series. Not sure about you but the mommy brain has not left me and my youngest is about to turn 3 any day now. Even though we had that whirlwind trip to Atlantis,  I am still exhausted. Maybe it has been years since I took off for a time longer than 2-3 days.

  • You don’t ever seem to know what day it is. You know what I mean. Not that once in a while “Oh, is it Friday already” but a pretty constant feeling that you can’t keep up with the days.
  • You can’t remember if you already brushed your teeth. Or brushed your hair or if you already gave the kiddo milk…
  • You get excited about grocery shopping – without kids. Simple pleasures make you excited and you have forgotten what REAL pampering is.
  • You can’t stop watching the clock. Multitasking is part and parcel of being a mama but now it has reached ridiculous proportions. You are constantly working out maximizing time in your head and calculating backwards how much of time you need before the next event.
  • You have not yet put away the Halloween pumpkin decorations six months later. Or is that just me?


  1. 1
    Sky says:

    You’ve nailed it! I’m so excited about going grocery shopping without my kiddies! I’m going to pop in my ear buds and catch up on some podcasts!

  2. 2

    lol, well my Halloween decorations are away, but only because DH did it. I am with you all the way on all the others. I only know which days are sat and sun since I don’t go in to the office. Of course those are my most cherished days. :-)

    When does summer vacation start an why can’t they institute it for adults that work????

  3. 3
    amy says:

    I don’t drive – dyspraxia – and since my husband works nights – I get excited about showers – its just about the only time I get to myself! for time to soothe my nerves I plunk kiddo in the stroller and walk him across to the seashore boardwalk so that while he’s mesmerized I can think my own thoughts! or just zone out! I told my husband that for my birthday – my 40th is coming up on april 1st – a great gift would be dropping me – just me (we just moved to texas and don’t know anyone) off at the movies and just leaving me there – all day.

  4. 4
    amy says:

    how can I share your post on facebook!

    • 4.1
      Mommy Niri says:

      Hi Amy, there is facebook share button at the bottom and top of this post – right next to the retweet green button. Happy birthday – my lil one will turn 3 on April 1st

  5. 5
    Jessica says:

    It was downpouring in Orlando yesterday, yet I still drove to Marshalls while my son napped (and hubby stayed home with him). I was so desperate to get out of the house alone, that I didn’t care that the streets were flooded! I ruined my leather shoes in the process, but it was so worth it for an hour of alone time!

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