Flowers And Financials!

MY VIEWS | | March 7, 2010 at 8:25 pm

I headed to the car wash with a pit stop to the self vacuum place first. The car sorely needed it and nothing like Boston’s winter slush to make the car really icky. I guess the fact that I let the girls snack in the car does not help. Anyway after we were done, and after the car-wash freaked my little one into a hysterical bout of crying (while her kind sister held her hand and comforted her), I felt like I need to give the girls (and myself) a treat. I thought the local nursery would be like a breath of fresh air and we really needed to see pretty flowers.

When I mentioned to my 4 year old she asked if we could buy some flowers from there. I knew she was still reeling from my refusal to buy flowers at the supermarket (I always find it difficult to spend money on flowers though I love them) earlier. Since she had a rough week I agreed, praying she would choose something cheap. After a few strolls and enjoying the greenery and beautiful flowers we started to check out the cut flowers to take home. My daughter had her heart set on red roses but I found cheap daffodils,  and though she tried to convince me I still got the flowers I wanted (or rather flowers I could afford). Though she was sad she did not make a scene, which I appreciated since my 2 year old was not being kind to the flowers so I was dying to get out of there.

On the way home I mentioned to my older child that I knew she was sad about the flowers and I really did wish I could have bought it for her. Which may have been the wrong thing to say as the flood gates opened and she cried the saddest cry ever. She made bold statements like “I wish I could make you shorter so you could be a child” – since I am only 5 feet I found it funny but muffled my laughter, also things like ” I want to be a grown up so I get to choose what I want”. I felt horrid! When we got home she sobbed the story to her papa.

Seeing her passion for the flowers we decided to get them. After we headed to the nursery and arrived home with those red roses she was pretty thrilled. I kept reminding her the price difference between the daffodils and roses and since she is pretty good in math she realized it too. Later that night I wanted her to note that even though we bought those flowers we needed to sacrifice some item for it. It was important for me to make her realize that there is a cost for everything so I explained it in terms she could grasp. When I told her that we may have to forgo hot chocolate for the week since we used the money on the roses, she began to try and find solutions.

First she offered her piggy bank and when I said that would not be enough she suggested we use a card. After a while I realized she meant a credit card and then I squashed that idea letting her know that it takes money out of an account which we don’t have. Then she suggested we just a a long drive. Huh? Baffled I asked her what she meant and she said “Well mama if we take very long drives we get to go through toll booths and they will give us money!” So all this time when we stopped at the Toll Booths my dear darling daughter thought they were paying us!

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