Feeding Penny Pig – A Book On Teaching Kids About Money!

REVIEWS | | March 11, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Recently I put out a post about trying to get the value of money across to my preschooler (read Flowers and Financials) but coming from a poor background the concept of saving is one close to my heart so I place emphasis on it with my girls. I normally skip book reviews as they take too long (in fact the only reading I do is reading to the kids) but when I was pitched to review “Feeding Penny Pig” by Jeannine Fox, I jumped at the chance. This way I could read and review at the same time. Plus the storyline was perfect. This past Christmas we had decided not to give the kids gifts, for 2 reasons – we were coming out of a job layoff a few months before and since I review toys I felt they really had enough.

Then we were invited to a party where we had to wrap a gift for the kids for the big Santa gifting moment. We decided on token gifts – something simple (and cheap) and we were lucky as we spied a Piggy bank. Speaking of piggy banks one of my favorite companies, Sprig Toys, came up with an idea for Spriggy (dino-like) banks – which are too cute and I can’t wait to see them up close. Since my daughter carries coins all over we thought it would be ideal. So you can see why I thought this book would have been perfect. Written by a Certified Financial Planner (so she knows her numbers), Feeding Penny Pig is about a grandma (Mimi) who buys her granddaughter Laney a piggy bank – called Penny Pig for her birthday. Laney is taught to feed the pig with money she earns from doing chores etc.

Although very simplistic, the book does not go into too much detail, I liked it for that very same reason. The attention span to read a long book or a book sounding too preachy,tis one not down my my PreK kid’s alley. All we need to do is introduce the concept of saving early in our kid’s lives, and hopefully that seed will grow into being responsible financially )one can hope) as they grow themselves. In fact my daughter loved the book and still carries her piggy around, except her’s is called “Pinkie”!

Disclosure: I was provided the book for review purposes.

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