Arthur Explores Asperger’s Syndrome! [VIDEO Details]

NEWS | | March 30, 2010 at 9:35 pm

George introduces us to Carl [video] >

Updated 04/02/2012 [new video]


With one in 150 kids being diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum understanding, while we seek for answers, is of utmost importance. Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, is addressed in an episode of Arthur, which will be broadcast on Monday April 5th on PBS Kids.

I liked the no judgement or preaching approach that was chosen to handle the topic. So much is being done to mainstream kids yet this takes time and in the mean time we cannot just shunt kids out of sight. It is important that everyone, especially kids, be educated about differences that are sometimes not so easy to understand. While disabilities involving wheelchairs etc are still being tailored into children’s shows, I had yet to see a children’s show approach this sensitive topic. Yet sensitivity is exactly how it was approached.

“When Carl Met George” is the title of the episode and addresses things like abstract sentences, intense sensitivity to certain things and need for order. I honestly appreciated the comparison of landing on a foreign planet and not understanding what was happening around them. To a child with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome the world can sometimes be viewed as scary or challenging. April is Autism month so this is a wonderful way to introduce the subject to children.

*Disclosure: I received a screener copy of this episode to review!

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    Will that be available on DVD? I think all schools especially elementary schools should have those in their library or counselors office for classroom use. Sounds like an episode all kids should see.

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    holytoledo says:

    Too many kids being diagnosed with autism aren’t TRULY autistic. Most every single child diagnosed with autism today seems to be “HF” high functioning or has “mild autism”. In fact, most these kids have ODD, OCD, mild schizoid issues, ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, bi-polar issues, or some other disorder that was mistaken for autism or aspergers. Then you’ve got all these “weird” kids who have spent 590 hours a week playing strange video games getting a dark personality that can’t handle reality and suddenly, woe…they must be aspergers. Then there are real people with real aspergers that are now lumped into the ever expanding “autism spectrum” that is really an “autism spectacle” with droves of psuedo professionals cashing in on the alleged epidemic rooted in the epidemic of mis and overdiagnosing children. Stop the madness. Keep it real.

    • 2.1
      Little Mouse says:

      As a mother of a child with Aspergers who was diagnosed when he was 5 (and I was reverse diagnosed 6 months later), I would like to say you are full of crap and obviously have NO Idea what you are talking about.. Are there kids that are mis-diagnosed? Sure… it happens all the time… but what is more likely that is going on is that Physchologists and Therapists are actually figuring out what the diagnosis criteria should be and they are using it. I was diagnosed when I was little as having “Hurried Child Syndrome” because they didn’t know what it was back then… so before you rant and rave about the fact that there are sooo many kids being diagnosed as Aspies when they are not , it is just more of a case of it being more out in the media rather than just in the back corner of a dark closet.. and as for your comment about the kids playing video games and “getting a dark personality that can’t handle reality” —most kids with aspergers prefer to play alone and prefer to be alone, that is the “Social issues” that is one of the main part of aspergers syndrome… so before you say “Get real” and “Stop the madness”, how about you take a walk in the shoes of someone that ACTUALLY has the syndrome and get off your high horse!

    • 2.2
      HCE says:

      THat is just no true. I teach elementary school special ed and I have plenty of children with the proper diagnosis!

    • 2.3
      Alec says:

      I think I can agree with you somewhat,
      but you mostly are full of crap.
      Just because a child is HF doesn’t make them not autistic.
      That’s why there is a spectrum, and they’re starting to make a better diagnosis for each child.

  3. 3
    Momoftwo says:

    I wish PBS would rerun this episode. It is a great way of explaining everything in a child friendly way. As a mom of a son on the spectrum, I appreciate when others take the time for education rather than just stereotypes, because as we know when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. This should be available on DVD as well.

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    lm says:

    Pbs reaired this episode today on pbs. I’m sure it will rerun this afternoon as well.

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