Unlock Deals At Zulily – A Private Sale Site For Parents!

NEWS | | February 9, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Everyone love great quality, but no one loves to pay them (celebrities don’t count). I have been a bargain hunter for a while. I gave up looking for trendy items for myself  after I ballooned like a whale in pregnancy. I then began to focus on buying clothes for my baby. Since I knew I was having a girl I went crazy buying her clothes. Since then I had another girl and needless to say splurged more. Who could blame me knowing that the most adorable clothing don the shelves. Truth is I have always eyed those fab labels but could not have the heart (or fortune) to spend so much on something that would fit a child for such a short stage. Recently I have been keeping tabs on some great brands, which are organic, and have realized what all the fuss is about.

A good brand – and more so organic, is extremely soft and lasts wash after wash (and I don’t sort clothing – I know shame on me). They make it easy to save for years to come. Unfortunately this means my kids are wearing Christmas sale clothing way after Christmas. Enter Zulily, a site that offers a few bargains each day of high quality clothing like Origany and others for moms, babies and kids. I don’t do department stores simply because the choice is overwhelming (even if I get a bargain I doubt it is worth the stress and time to find it). Zulily makes it easy, a new set of bargains are fresh each day – so take it or leave it. Now while the discounts are deep don’t expect dollar store prices, these items are of a drastically higher quality than you will find even in department stores but truthfully at an affordable price. Some discounts are 75% and prices I would pay (and I am very careful to say that). I looked at a sample dress and I was simply blown away by the quality.

I have been part of many members-only site and have to say that this one certainly makes it a breeze to shop with crisp images, clear details in an uncluttered site. Signing up is a piece of cake, name and email – how easy is that?

Now to help with shopping for the Valentine in your life (even the littlest ones) Mommy Niri has a special code for getting $10 off your first order (and to sweeeten the pot they offer you $10 to refer a friend). The code

Use MOMNIRI10 to get $10 off your first order (expires 2/19)!

So what are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I was provided an sample of an Origany product from the site to review!

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