Our Valentine Party With Cake And More. Win One For Yourself Too!

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Congratulations Rosanne!

My daughter has been bugging me for ages to have a party. Now if you are one of the moms at my daughter’s school you would know that I can barely get my act together. Thank heavens for winter jackets which hide the same crumpled shirt I don every morning. Anyway either the fact that her nagging had got to me or the fact that my home was a mess and having guests over would be a great reason to clean up, I finally relented and invited her entire class over. Brave, right to have 14 PreK kids over?  So I did and have the stains to prove I did. Ok, so most of them were there already anyway. Great thing about having your kids full of kids is they cover a lot of room so no one (hopefully) notices the mess.

Brite Cd So we had pizza, cake and even goodie bags for the kids. Now about those goodie bags these had in them a Rainbow Brite CD. Rainbow Brite has come back onto the doll scene with a fresh appeal and still sending the same inspiring and adventurous messages she has always sent to kids. The CD was chock-full of games and activities. Now that is something mamas may not throw out like most goody bag junk.

Then came pizza and the main attraction: the cake! We had a wonderful gourmet Red Velvet cake from We Take The Cake. I first met Lori, the founder of We Take The Cake at an iRobot summit I attended some time last year. As I heard her story and tenacity of getting quality cakes through mail order. In fact, Oprah loved her Key Lime Bundt Cake so much that she named it one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Soon after, We Take The Cake appeared on three different Food Network Shows (Challenge, Road Tasted and Unwrapped) and several newspapers and magazines. I tasted that Key Lime cake last year and have to say that I simply loved the moist and rich quality. The wrapping box was so attractive that I still have it.

The Red Velvet Layered cake screamed gourmet from the rich red chocolate inside, to the cream cheese icing and even the white chocolate curls on top. I think they describe it well online:

“We use all the traditional ingredients such as buttermilk, vinegar, imported Dutch cocoa powder and red food coloring. Then we layer and cover the cake with cream cheese frosting and top it off with white chocolate curls!”

Except for the fact that food coloring is something that as a mom I normally avoid, overall it is really one of the tastiest cakes I have eaten. I have been to so many birthday parties that I was glad that this was not the same “goobs of sugar” type cake.  With a room full of kids you can expect to have some with allergies so without being able to find the ingredients online it meant that there was enough cake for adults to enjoy. It was honestly wonderful to have “an adult” like cake. You can actually savor the fine nuances of flavor. The fact that it arrives through mail order retaining the wonderful quality is truly amazing.

We Take The Cake also supports Debbie’s Dream www.debbiesdream.org (who is a Mom of three young children and she has stomach cancer). Debbie started a foundation to help find a cure. They are donating 10% of the cake sale price to her cause and are giving the customer a 10% price reduction. Another great reason to support We Take The Cake. I love it when companies with good products support great causes.

Now since I could not have all of you over to have cake with us, I figured that I should give some lucky reader of Mommy Niri a Red Velvet cake. Now tell me have you ever heard of a better prize? Actually Mommy Niri is soon going to celebrate a birthday too in March so a cake is such a fitting theme.

To win post a comment on this blog post answering “What is your favorite (non-contest) post on MommyNiri.com?”

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Disclosure: I received the CDs and cake to review!

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