Hasbro Opens Showroom To Bloggers!

NEWS | | February 17, 2010 at 10:35 pm

I was recently invited to a private breakfast with Hasbro along with a few bloggers. This was all in the mood of the upcoming Toy Fair in New York. There was a chance I was going to miss the Toy Fair, even though I had a press pass to it, but I would sooner miss that than a more intimate event with bloggers and a behind the scenes look. As a blogger we regularly get media invites to see things that consumers don’t or see much later when it hits the shelves. To get to New York at 9:00am meant waking at 3:00am so I was really thrilled to find that I had a short walk to the Hasbro Showroom. The wonderful thing about blogging events is I get to see many of my old blogging buddies.

There were several toys that are set to hit the market in the next few months. Hasbro is known for many famous brands but Play Doh and Potato Head are a favorite in my home. There’s much to share but in the interest of blog space I will  capture a small snapshot.

There were many “boy toys” – I say that loosely as I really believe that toys should be unisex but other than the trucks I doubt I would be getting my daughters any action figures for them just yet. Everything from the Transformers and Star Wars, (even a Star Wars Potato Head) and Iron Man (even in an Operation version) made their debut (or new variations of current versions). My favorite were the Tonka garage with its morphing abilities and the cute Tonka truck with it’s prescholer type phrases.

The Fur Real were cute, especially the smaller ones but the larger ones make take a while to grow on me, not being a plush girl myself. There was even a “bunny” version with play-house and all that looked slightly “zhu-zhu’ish” to me.  The Littlest Pet Shop has a few additions of little fashionable girls. I was thinking about time. Not being one too much into the little critters it makes me take a second look now that they have “Blythe” to the collection. The Easy Bake oven and confection makers were impressible with leaving some designing that even older kids may want to attempt. The dyes are questionable though in a home like mine which takes a second look at all the FDC color type products.

The regular Strawberry Shortcake, which even has a sweet remote controlled car. This is one that actually may be something I get for my girls. Really nice to see a remote controlled anything that looks cute and quite rugged to survive a preschooler’s hands. They even have something for babies in the form of Glo World. I had heard a lot about the Weebles making a comeback in the little talk from the Hasbro executives prior to the tour and was really looking forward to it but have to admit it was a disappointment for me. Gone is the lovely character feel that I loved in the one I remember from my daughter’s version of 4 years ago and in is a new “egg” like shape with a printed picture of a character inside. To me it just looks like a person trapped in a bottle. A baby might be fooled but many a preschooler would not. Also they added music to one of the play slides that come with it. I understand technology (music/sounds/electronics) permeate everything these days but in pretend toys I really don’t believe it is needed.

The Sid The Science kid was really one of my utmost favorites. I am already a huge fan of the show. I mean seriously he is the coolest kid (the beaty songs like “I love my mom uh-ha” are the best) plus the boy is smart and show focuses on math and science. The toys keep in line of the show (unlike the Dora that grows up) and includes the cool microphone and microscope among other toys. Play-Doh had a few additions like the candy factory type contraption which I did not care for, but the new fun factory device really rocks. It is clear they have addressed the complaints of many parents and having tried it at home the past few days I can vouch for the design. Hands down, simple but very effective in cleaning and also for ease of use. The big news that Sesame characters will appear now that licensing is in order.

There was more to see and share, there always is, but I hope you catch the pictures and if you see something that piques your attention then leave a comment and I will update as far as my memory serves me.

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