Friday 5: 5 Tips For Dealing With The (Terrible) Twos!

FRIDAY 5 | | February 19, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Friday 5 is here and trying to still catch up on posts (and life) but better late than never, right. Soon my littlest girl will be turning 3 and while the antics of her two-someness is still  fresh in my mind I thought I would share some of my ideas. Make sure you catch more tips on older posts in the Friday 5 series.

  1. Give a choice of her age (two)! Asking open ended questions is really asking for trouble. In fact I was still pregnant with my first child and a colleague at work when I received this golden nugget of advice (while I was innocently praising how wonderful the twos were). By limiting the choices you make it easier (on her and you). Like, “Would you like a blue shirt or green shirt?” instead of “what color shirt would you like?”.
  2. Time is everything! Don’t assume that if kiddo is doing well you can push your luck and extend that errand. A seasoned mom knows there is a thin line between “I am happy” and “I am having a meltdown”. Keep disrupting routines to a minimum while trying to workaround them more.  It makes it easier to “read” her needs and for you be an audience to less tantrums.
  3. The more the merrier! Although you may feel you have a handful with one toddler on your hands, opting to add more kids to the mix (weirdly) makes it easier. If you can try to get the accomplice kids to be older. Toddlers always behave so much better around “older” kids.
  4. Don’t let them smell fear! Tis the truth, once they realize they have you stumped you can relinquish all control to them. By at least believing that you have a handle over matters (or at the very least making it look so) you can reign in the situation. Since I know the girls inside and out (thanks to being a SAHM – I would hate for someone to know my kids better than me) I always add a (sheepish) grin when I can see how the girls whip hubby in a frenzy and make him anxious. Repeat to yourself “I am in control, at least I hope so!”.
  5. Grin and bear it! When all else fails and you are beginning to rethink this whole “parenting being the best job evah” nonsense, then break out in the sillies. A silly song, a silly face or silly song and watch those gremlins move slowly from shock to smiles.

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