Friday 5: 5 Myths About Mommy Bloggers!

FRIDAY 5 | | February 26, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Friday 5 is up again and I thought would be great to dedicate another of the Friday 5 series to blogger stuff.

We will do anything for free stuff

Although I do not speak for the entire mom blogger population, as I should not, review samples are necessary to give a review on, right? Once I did a contest where I was not reviewing a product but just conducting a giveaway and when the winner mentioned she was slightly disappointed with the prize I felt guilty for not doing a review. Once a friend asked me whether I really recommend a movie I mentioned in my blog and it brought to reality that it was not un-named people that heed our opinions. I write my blog for my readers, while companies may provide samples I do not get paid for my opinion. My brand is important and I am never so desperate for a product to want to tarnish that!

Blogging is our hobby

I was recently at a party when a guy asked what I did and when I mentioned that I blog, he replied “Is that all you do?”! While I was holding back the urge to slap his condescending attitude my friend tried to quickly salvage the conversation by chipping in that I used to be a software engineer (like them) and even though it was with good intention it angered me even more. What the hell does the fact that I was a software engineer for 12 years have anything to do with my blogging today? Did that validate me a little easier. Blogging only a hobby, my eye, ask most bloggers who work until the wee hours and sneak in work all day about a hobby. Oh wait – I guess people equate value with how much you earn so unless you can pay off a mortgage what you do is unimportant.

We lack business sense, smarts and savvy

A good number of mom bloggers come from professional backgrounds and left their careers to dedicate time to raise their children. We have discovered how to launch our own companies, market our work, build our communities, address web technicalities, build content, establish networks, create a brand, and so on… If you have not figured out by now why mom bloggers are sought out by all the leading brands then I suggest you do so (and read stay at home moms).

We all blog about the same thing (our kids)

So some of us do and some of us don’t and some of us do a blend of it and everything in between. ¬†While being a mom, it does not preclude us from focusing on technology, health, education; lifestyle and so forth. It would be sad to lump everyone together just so you can deal with it easier.

We (Mom Bloggers) are just a fad

Some people think this is just like an online chat kind of thing and will slowly die away. Let me give you a few bones to chew on before you toss our importance out the door: Traditional media is expensive, ¬†while online is cheaper and faster. Celebrities may look prettier endorsing a product, but would you believe Brooke Shields in an advertisement or a mommy friend (who is not getting paid all that gobs of money). While I can’t make a claim that all mom bloggers are authentic I still vouch they are they best bet yet.

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