Atlantis #JetAdventure Day 2: The AKA Club, Some Animals And Pottery Too!

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I know you would have been eagerly awaiting Day 2 after reading Day 1 but a stiff neck on my end has somewhat delayed things. Also after that whole experience with the dolphins it would be difficult to imagine how it could get any better. I was thinking the very same thing that night as I wearily went to bed by 9pm, which is not like the 2am bedtime I have at time.

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Anyway Day 2 began with breakfast on our own at a place called “The Marketplace” – which contrary to its name sounds nothing like a breakfast place. I learned that breakfast would have (had I been paying) cost us a whopping $75 and for a vegetarian I would be (highly) hesitant about forking that over. There was a huge spread of a large continental type buffet with pastries, egg stations etc. I must admit I was sorely disappointed. Was there enough to eat? Yes! Could a vegetarian get enough food? Yes? Is Mommy Niri a fusspot? Maybe, but then that may be an entire different story. Here is my thing as a vegetarian, and obviously there are enough of us in the world to be actually taken into account, I don’t just eat salads or sides.

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There are several main vegetarian dishes that could be made, from every cuisine around the world. This was not just my issue about breakfast but about all meals throughout the stay. While on the topic of food let me speak about about a few other issues. There was a lack of local flavor. It might be contended that there are several restaurants but having only one restaurant that I tried other than those arranged I did not find that flavor. Everything had a hardcore American feel to it. That can be a comforting factor at times (I did head to the Starbucks a few times) but I would have loved to try some Bahamian dish. Also I was really looking forward to trying some tropical fruits and again did not get that luxury. It would be sad to note that my tastiest meal (a Bahamian spicy “sandwich”) I got while waiting in the Nassau airport to head back to New York. Of course there was a lot of sugar on the menu but unlike most moms I have no issue on that. I have always included sugar in moderation with kids so my kids would easily take a bit out of a cupcake and then eat a broccoli floret, thinking nothing of it at all. Also with kids being vegetarian already makes us wary of what we put into their body.

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Now that I have gotten that one food gripe out of my system, I can continue sharing my adventure with you. So after breakfast there was the huge opening celebration brunch to commemorate the launching of the AKA (Atlantis Kids Adventure) club. Besides eye-popping desserts, and a spectacular dance by the local Bahama people (our only exposure to the culture) we had the unveiling of the Lego LANSE character immersed into the ocean. Did I forget to mention that the restaurant had these gigantic windows to the sea creatures? Picture this: eating your dinner and a shark, or stingray, swims by! Reasons alone why I think an Atlantis trip is worth it. You don’t pick these up from a book.

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The AKA club opening was a big deal to the Atlantis, to me I am still not sure. Don’t get me wrong, the place is phenomenal, imagine several rooms each dedicated to something spectacular. Ok, let me help with that picture: a theater where you get up to antics on stage, a tree fantasy reading room, a pretend grocery room, a pretend play-house room (even though I have 2 girls I really wish they did not paint it pink), a wii/gaming room, a crafts room and a culinary kitchen. Sounds great and you have not yet heard about the bathrooms. Each of the bathroom stalls has a different theme, from the painted walls to the lighting and as you step in has themed music (not sure if that may freak a kid out). You must be wondering, why does it not dazzle me so? Well, only because I know just behind those doors is a beautiful beach waiting to be walked upon. It may be also stemming from the fact that I had just come straight from the Boston snowy weather or the fact that I believe in soaking up the beautiful outdoors as much as possible. I guess the main benefit for such a place would be for a rainy day or if you wanted to leave the kids there while having a romantic dinner (or whatever) also a reason why Atlantis makes a great honeymoon place – even with kids. Be prepared to spend anything from $45 to $60 a session (there are 3 per day) at the AKA club. The club is targeted to 3 to 12 year olds

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. They also have culinary classes aimed at the older 6 to 12 year old kids. Although a few of us had younger kids we sat with our kids so that we could get a feel for the class. It was quite understandable that it would be over the heads of my little ones. Some bemoaned the level being to high but this is culinary classes not cooking classes. I like that we were doing challenging stuff like making sugar molds, using rum (to prevent it sticking to the wax paper) and a torch to create definition.

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After the AKA club we spent some hours outside eating cake and soaking up sun (two yummy things) at the pool. On our way to dinner we stopped at the Atlantis Pals (similar to the Build A Bear concept except you stuff the animals) and the girls ended up spending time with Miss USA and Miss Canada (they were part of a separate press program) who helped them create a sash of their own. Then off to painting pottery where the girls chose a mug each and I took a teapot. We were barely done when we had to join the dinner crowd. After collecting our team t-shirts (we were on the blue team) and breaking it to my 4 year old that we were not on the green team (her favorite color) – I was amazed she took it well, we headed back to continue our pottery painting. Tired are you, so were we, especially since it was a hike to get there. A note that the resort is pretty huge and though they have shuttles don’t rely too much on getting one when you need it. Stay tuned for Day 3!

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Disclosure: All expenses for the Jet Adventure trip were paid.

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