Alternate Printable Valentine’s Cards (Cute Too)!

NEWS | | February 8, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Printable Valentine cards are dime dozen today. Don’t get me wrong, the printables save my butt when I need to give my kids an activity to buy me a few moments of sanity (all in the life of a SAHM), but many are pretty commercial and, dare I say it – BLAND.  In fact I mostly ignore pitches of printable cards but when the guys from Gnaana sent me an email about their Valentine’s Cards it caught my attention. True, printable cards are not their forte but they were just too darn cute for me to argue.

The fact that they were based on an Indian king and a princess were obviously attractive factors. I mean, come on, how many cards have you seen like this? If you want the whole story, and Indian epic tales are known for length and complexity, then feel free to check out their blog for the story of Nala and Damayanti. While there check out their beautifully designed products. The products have an eastern cultural flavor with a flair for articulate design.  They are so tastefully done I think I will have to revisit it at some point.

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