A Chat With Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye!

NEWS | | February 25, 2010 at 8:15 pm

Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) are teaming up together to celebrate International Friendship Month this February. These ladies are actual friends in real life and are focusing on the joy that close friendships bring to people’s lives. Melissa and Soleil were co-hosts of a Gain-sponsored “Better Together” Friendship Party at Melissa’s candy store (SweetHarts) in Los Angeles yesterday (Wednesday, February 24).

The day after a few bloggers, including Mommy Niri (don’t you love that we are always where the action is?) got the opportunity to ask these amazing actresses some questions. Before the interview I solicited questions on twitter and my fanpage so that I could cover my reader’s questions. The one thing that was clear is that these women are an icon of the times. Many remembered them with warmth and fondness. Even out in South Africa where television episodes take forever to reach I was still impacted by Sabrina. I could tell you the rest but that would spoil it for you. It would be much better for you to watch it for yourself.

*Picture courtesy of ilovegain.com

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