Wii Family Games: Dora, Squeeballs Party And Family Football Fun! (Win It!)

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Congratulations Jen!

The Wii is here to stay and although I am pretty cautious about gaming because they are too sedentary and addictive. With the Wii games I love that it gets you moving.  As much as there are several adult games I have been keeping an eye out for games for kids. Many games that are listed as kid-friendly have some pretty gory visuals.

Here are a few that I managed to take a look at:

Family Fun Footballwii - family fun football

Finally a way to skip the snowy football season and get your dose of football right in the comfy of your living room. Now you can play coach of the team and control the offense and defense. Everything can be changed to your liking from the  mii to the stadium. Although even a novice of the game can easily pick up an understanding of the game it does come with a little playbook. I actually appreciated that it was pretty simple and graphical, not a “user-guide” as such. This is a great game if you have friends over and want to make a party of it. I think my pre-schooler may be a little to young for it and I dislike that it expects you to have multiple remotes but I guess most people do have more than 1 remote.

Squeeballs Partysqueeballs wii

We received this game with a couple of plush squeeballs and that got the excitement rolling. I was a bit worried when I read there will be some “squishing” of characters. With a preschooler and a toddler in the house we are already dealing with more sibling madness than you can imagine so I was hoping that the squeeball blasting in the game not to compound the issue. Needless to say this mama tends to over worry on occasion. Granted though the slingshots, slicing and other actions are not really my cup of tea (though I was a total addict of the gore on Alien  Doom!) but I must admit the variety if offered my kids was enough. There are game options like aim to splat on a character with the aim to color in the character. The great thing about this game is that if you have older kids they will also have a choice from the 150 mini game challenges. The best part about this game is I am giving away a copy of Squeeballs Party for Wii!

Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdomdora wii

Although I think the title is a mouthful, my 2 year old says it without flinching. You must know we are heavy Dora fans in this house so I have been yearning to bring a familiar game to the small library of Wii games we have. I also knew that I could rely on the language and tone of the game to totally fit in with what I expect pre-schoolers to be exposed to. The visuals helped and though it took some getting used to the kids were off to some adventure. I loved that you become Dora and decide where the adventure could go. It also is great to get some physical workout out of your kid. Trust me there is more jumping and stepping than I could probably keep up with.  The navigation is great with being able to go back and get a “token” you just missed, so that makes it less frustrating for kids. The only thing that gets me is the use of the Wii remote sidewards, which kind of gets confusing for a kid (and me too), also that makes for tough use for a left-handed kid (and being a mama with one kid who is left-handed I notice these things).

Want to win the Squeeballs Party for Wii?

Tell me What is your New Year resolution? This is the addition to your Wii collection.

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