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Somehow I don’t really hold myself accountable to resolutions, though I should. Yet there is something highly ominous about the 1st day of the 1st month in a brand new year that makes me feel yesterday was but a fleeting memory but today I start afresh. I somehow feel that whatever I did before is all but forgotten and this new year I can tackle anything. Of course along with that is pressure to make it happen from Day 1. Whether a resolution is something you will rigorously follow or something to keep you in line, or perhaps just made for the heck of it, this is the time to be sharing them. Although Mommy Niri shared her resolutions (5 Promises That I Plan To Keep), I am hoping I fare better than I did with sticking to my 2009 resolutions (5 Resolutions For Mommy Niri) That got me wondering how my online friends, all of whom are the most awesome IRL (in real life), were making out with their resolutions. So I asked them:

Jessica Smith (Jessica Knows)


This year my New Year’s Resolution is to run the Disney Half Marathon in January 2011.  I’ve enlisted a few friends to work towards the goal with me (my girlfriends Theda & Brooks!) and I’m keeping track and sharing all of my training using the iPhone app  I love the runner’s high I get and the health benefits that go along with training.

Mellisa Chapman (Kids In The City)

Melissa pic with glasses

Although it’s not really mine- I’ve adopted it from singer; Ingrid Michaelson, but have decided it is my new life’s mantra..xo

“our lives are brief. tell someone you love them. cry. eat good food. make something that you are proud of. live your life with big joy.”

Danielle Smith (Extraordinary Mommy)

DanielleSmith2Resolution: 2010 brings me one step closer to 40.  As 2009 ends, I am aware that I have been neglecting myself – physically, mentally and spiritually.  I resolve to change that in 2010.  I want to be able to say (and FEEL) that I am in the best shape of my life by the end of this coming year.  This means choosing exercise, making healthier food choices and seeking peace in my daily life.  Being the best ‘me’ I can be will make me the best Mommy, best wife, best friend and best businesswoman I can possibly be.

Nicole Ibarrondo (Pink And Posh)

bNew Year Resolution, huh? Aside from losing weight which has been my resolution since 1989, I think I’ll have to go with being more organized, both in my home and with life in general. I need to learn time management, make more time for my family and focus on work at normal hours, not at 3 a.m. Stay off the Internet on the weekends and enjoy the little time I have left before my toddler turns into a tween. As far as organizing my home, I need to go back on a schedule such as making Monday laundry day and Thursdays a day to do an all around cleaning. My schedule has been so scattered lately and my home and family are starting to get lost in the mix.

Ilina Ewen (Dirt And Noise)

avatarI’ve always fancied myself a writer wannabe. I’m hoping to change that by finally drafting a book proposal for two ideas I have (one for a cookbook and one to turn my weekly 5:00 Fridays posts into a book). I also want to practice more patience. With my sons. My husband. The world at large.

Lastly, I’m not going to start any diet/weight loss/exercise  resolutions. You know how love finds you when you’re least looking for it? Well, I figure that perfectly slim stomach will happen serendipitously as well!

Katja Presnal (Skimbaco Lifestyle)

katja-presnal-skimbacoI just recently started as a Community Manager for Collective Bias, and it is my first fulltime job in years. I am still trying to keep up with blogging at my blogs and, as well at and I am now busier than ever before. My New Year’s resolution is to try to get more organized, and never to forget to spend time with family and my kids, and add family time in my busy calendar, with no excuses, because one should never forget what is the most important thing in life.

Federick J. Goodall (Mocha Dad)

Mochadad in Land's End SweaterMy resolution to is finally finish writing my book. I have all of the research done and I’ve written a few sections. I will complete it in 2010.

Audrey McClelland (Mom Generations)

Coutos 147b contrast with textMy New Year’s Resolution is to truly sketch out a schedule for myself and my family.  Every year we say we’re going to do it, and after a week or two… we’ve completely gone back on it.  I am determined this year to stick to it and really make sure there’s enough time for family time, work time and time with just me and my husband.  I know it’s next to impossible to find an even balance between everything… but I really want to come close to trying! Also… I am making a New Year’s Resolution to read with the boys every night.

Onica Cupido (Blasian Baby Notes)

Copy of meTurqMy resolution is to focus more on me as a person, to find my self apart from being a mother.  For the last 2 yrs it’s been all about being there for my son but now I want to turn the focus back towards me and my creative happiness. =)

Amy Belgardt (Mom Spark)


One of my major resolutions is BALANCE.  I need to make more dates with my hubby.  See more of my friends and family.  I work too hard.  It’s going to be a challenge, but I need to do it for my sake and my family’s sake.  Here’s to 2010!

Carol Cain (NY City Mama)

carolNot a great believer in resolutions, but a great believer in taking opportunity of any new beginning to reflect on my life and how I can continue to make it better, fuller, more meaningful, as well as how I can be a better wife, mother, friend. After an awesome 2009, I can only wish that 2010 continues to be as great. Thankfully, we are healthy, happy, and have a lot of love and support in our lives. My wish, not so much resolution, is that things continue to grow from there, and that I continue to find inspiration in the people I meet, the places I visit, and the unexpected little things life always has in store for us.

Jyl Johnson Pattee (Mom It Forward)

Picture taken by Cecily West Cook

Picture taken by Cecily West Cook

As with many people, the recession has impacted our family over the past couple of years. I find myself getting a little too preoccupied at times with how to keep my head above water instead of taking a moment to splash around and enjoy the waves! I reread a post I wrote at the end of the summer (, including this video by Famous Footwear about making today famous and unexpected: As I reread a list I created, identifying 11 things you could do to make your day unexpected, I immediately knew what my theme for 2010 would be: to make this new year famous and unexpected by living life to the fullest. As a wife, that means flirting more with my husband. As a mother, it means getting silly with my kids. As a friend, it means being a better listener… and going dancing more! Spiritually, it means making more time to ponder and draw closer to God. Financially, it means letting go of fear and not focusing on the bills. Physically, it means feeling at my peak by adopting a healthier lifestyle. And unfortunately, that may mean saying goodbye to my dear friend, Wendy! Oh! How I love her fries! And finally, as an individual, it means living life to the fullest… and hopefully, jumping into many more pools fully clothed with lots more new and fun friends! Won’t you join me??? Here’s to a FAMOUS and UNEXPECTED 2010!

Rachael Herrscher (Today’s Mama)

Picture 47Let me lay this on ya’ll (I’m not from the South at all . . . but it just felt so good to say ya’ll) . . . My resolution this year is akin to not having one. It’s to take on 2010 with NO expectations.  My big theory in life: Expectation is the root of all frustration. So I’d like to limit my expectations this year. And it’s not in the “my life sucks I’m not going to even think I should have something good” kind of way. It’s more of a “come what may, I’m going to work with it and not let it derail me” kind of a way. Should prove to be a far less frustrating year eh? (but I’m not going to lie to you either . . . trying to ban sugar and lose 10 pounds too!)

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