Measuring That Medicine!

NEWS | | January 28, 2010 at 8:00 pm


With snowy winters comes jackets, hats and mittens and though they bring vivid memories of me fighting the kids over dressing for the cold, there is another “cold” that is more troublesome. Yes, the one that brings snotty noses, fevers and pains.  When I was alerted to another surprising concern about how people are dishing up their dose I was skeptical. I mean this is medicine people, and why would anyone not dish it up right? After seeing the video I was shocked but realized that I was taking something so dangerous for granted.

It seems a no brainer to me that dosage is there for a reason and just like baking you don’t mess with the measurement. Though I may be a person who eye-balls ingredients for cooking, drugs are altogether a different ball game.  So I am just putting out this post as a reminder to watch that dosage, very carefully.

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