Martha Stewart’s (Not So) Blog Show Special!

NEWS | | January 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

A few weeks ago I saw some tweets going around about a Martha Stewart Blog Special. Since a few months ago I overslept and missed my train to another show, I felt this was like a calling. I mean anything that spells blogging has my name on it, right? After muddling though my wardrobe trying to find something that would qualify for being in the audience, oh not because I am fussy (one look at me and you would know I am no fashionista) but because we received a big list of what not to wear for being in the audience. Anyway after driving my 2 kids down to New Jersey from Boston the day before the show, I woke up bright and early and dragged hubby along with the girls to a train station to get there on time. I was really dying for a cup of anything but one look outside the address to the already forming line told me to banish that thought.


I had decided, against my better judgement, to wear a skirt so I was freezing to the bone. I began to wonder if it was worth standing in the line in the dead of winter while the blustery wind cut through my clothing (oh, why oh why did I not wear leggings?). I was thrilled to start seeing my bloggy buddies (Thanks to Jen – Savor The Thyme for some of the pictures) drop in and glad to meet new ones too (check out Sophisticated Gourmet and tell me you are not amazed this dude is 17?)  but honestly the chattering of my teeth would not allow a coherent thought to form in my head. When we were finally allowed in and made it past the metal detectors and obtained our ticket (I was #5) we were led to a holding area. Sounds like a prison right? Here we could mingle, take restroom breaks and purchase merchandise. I got an apron and an autographed book (no need to get excited, a few were pre-autographed), and I am still debating whether to give the book away in a contest (shipping for the huge book would really suck though).


I was relieved when they started calling out tickets numbers to seat us. Lo and behold Mommy Niri got a seat right in front row on the floor itself. My frozen numb toes were clapping in glee. I was awestruck but all the mechanics that went into setting up a stage (and re-setting after each very small break). The climax was rising for Martha Stewart to appear but not without some work from the guy (sorry his name evades me and if I take time to search for it this blog post may never make it out) telling you how to clap, when to clap and what exactly to do (even when to say Yum).  I know this is how live television works but honestly makes it too clinical for me, know what I mean? They also kept nagging about keeping our devices open to “blog” since this was a special show. In fact we had to show our laptop before getting our tickets. Not sure how to tell them that we don’t just blog, we may tweet etc but not just blog (especially when the wifi was wonky).


I kept wondering who the guests would be and wondered of some famous blogger would be in attendance. I even wondered if Dooce would be there. I was so disappointed by her choice of guests. I think they were fabulous in their right but for a blogging show they really had nothing much to do about blogging. Her daughter and friend, co-hosts of the “Whatever Martha” show certainly did not qualify as what I would consider mainstream bloggers ( their show which I think just recycles Martha episodes) . That just sounded to me as a marketing gimmick. I admire Martha Stewart oodles. I mean the woman is (deservedly) an icon. She has built an empire and though she has faltered along the way she has done her time so I have no beef with her.

I was also disappointed by her lack of warmth. She featured a blogger sitting next to me with a blog called Hire Me Martha”. I have to add though that I was lucky to be seated next to her since I got some face time on television and by the comments of my awesome buddies I looked good (I know, I have the kindest friends). Though once the camera stopped rolling and the cameraman asked the blogger to take a picture with Martha, she never once made eye contact with the blogger.  Minor details to some, and some may cry out that she is a busy woman.. but too busy to smile without a camera asking for it? We were each given a book authored by one of the guests and ushered out, without even being offered to taste the orange cake they just iced. I do think that the missing the mark of featuring bloggers was not so much intentional but more of a misunderstanding (of the blogger world). Heck I guess everyone is trying to figure out this bloggy world, but I would hope the next time someone decides to host a “Blog Special” they do some homework before!


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