Just How Behind Is Mommy Niri?

NEWS | | January 16, 2010 at 8:54 pm


You may be wondering what’s up with Mommy Niri. I mean I have not been posting as often, not because I don’t have oodles to share (because I do) but just because these days I am behind EVERYTHING. Not just on my blog but in my life too. As you can see I still have the Christmas lights up, and yes that is Halloween decor out. A good thing you can’t see my door where I still have the July 4th ornament hanging, or the flag with “Party is here” from my girl’s birthday party in June! I guess the fact that January is almost done should be enough to spur me on, but I guess I would rather catch up on my blogs. Watch this space for some exciting tit-bits (and don’t you dare unsubscribe)

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