Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Atlantis I Go!

NEWS | | January 21, 2010 at 9:41 pm


When I was approached by a team representing Jet Blue, Atlantis and Lego to attend a special event with a child at Atlantis I was in the throes of bath-time woes and tantrums. In fact hubby had just arrived from work and I was telling him about it, then it struck me. This was in the Bahamas. I was being invited with my kid. The event was for them and it was all paid. Since I have been blogging all the events I attended were paid for by myself this luxury was a total shock. Could it be too good to be true?

To make it even more exciting the Papa Post will be covering it too. Now that we have jumped through hoops to get my little girl’s passport we will be jetting off in a charter plane to Bahamas. While there we will be doing many amazing things like swim with dolphins, preview the new Lego Fantasy camp (launching in July 2010), take part in beach Olympics, culinary adventures, scavenger hunts and more.

Will try to keep you covered along the way but also follow the hashtag @JetAdventure on twitter to see the conversation going. I know plenty of 2009 sucked but 2010 is sure trying to make up for it. Bon voyage!


  1. 1
    Jenn says:

    Have a fantastic time!! You deserve it. Wish I could get away!!

  2. 2

    Major congrats to you. You’ve worked hard and def deserve this. Im so proud of you and will be following via twitter! Have fun!

  3. 3
    Mami2jcn says:

    I’m so jealous! My husband and I went to Atlantis when we were DINKs (Double Income No Kids) and it was amazing.

    Have a great time!

    • 3.1
      Mommy Niri says:

      There is so much new that is added. The Kid’s Adventure Club and the new to be released Lego Fantasy land.

  4. 4

    How awesome!!! What a fun opportunity … enjoy!!

  5. 5

    Damn you’re lucky. I’m really short, and sometimes I act like a kid, so next time you get invited and get to bring a kid, I think I should go with you! Have a fantastic time.

  6. 6
    kamani says:

    Well deserved!

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