Friday 5: 5 Tips To Perfect Packing!

FRIDAY 5 | | January 22, 2010 at 10:42 am


I am packing! I won’t be here tomorrow. And not even for the day after. Tonight I will be packing. I fly tomorrow and I have not started packing. Final destination Atlantis. Am I overwhelmed? You betcha. Am I confident it will get done tonight? Absolutely. Since I cannot think further than my battered suitcase (man I so need new luggage as I have had bad luck with choosing good luggage). Since I can’t think further than packing and I would rather blog than pack , I figure I better blog about packing for this week’s dose in my Friday 5 series. I mean I would have shared more than 5 tips but I have to pack.

  • Roll clothing instead of folding it. This reduces those ugly fold lines. Also hanging clothing in the bathroom while you shower allows the steam the smooth out wrinkles and creases.
  • Pack for each day separately and ensure your carry-on baggage (if flying) has a spare outfit. You never know when bags can go missing (as I once unfortunately found out – good thing I was on my way home and eventually got the bag)
  • Keep things rolling or on your back. Bags on wheels are a godsend (are any these days not on wheels?) but the backpack is by far the best item ever. When commuting on the T (subway in Boston) for work I lived on backpacks, when I had my 1st child we opted for a backpack diaper bag and we always use it to keep our hands free.
  • Double bag liquids. You can never be too careful with any liquids and even some powders so make sure use special bags to spare any disasters. The great thing is you can also use extra bags for separating dirty laundry to make it easier for when you return.
  • Pack some munchies. Although you think you can always grab some snacks to eat most places have the most atrocious snacks. I mean the sodium content of most make me want to hurl. Do your self a favor and pack a few healthy ones, when you are searching for something to eat in the wee hours you will be glad you did.

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