Friday 5: 5 Promises For 2010 That I Aim To Keep!

FRIDAY 5 | | January 1, 2010 at 8:53 pm


I feel all giddy inside to write this. You know writing my resolutions for 2009 was actually my 1st Friday 5 in the Friday 5 series, and I cannot get over that I finished 52 whopping posts! Not sure how I managed to get through but bumping into a friend, when I was late with it, asking for it was sure to make me thrilled yet guilty. I actually thought of stopping it this year.  You can pick up your lower jaw from the floor, as I decided to give another year a try. My resolutions, or promises as I would like to call them, are small steps and hopefully wiser than last year.

  • Stop being the garbage disposal! You know that noisy gadget crunching out leftovers in your kitchen sink? Only thing is mine as been out of order for the the past 6 months so I can’t recall what that sound is like. Well, since I have grown in the clean plate society and also coming from South Africa, throwing away food is a tough one. So I have been eating leftovers, only thing is 2 kids can have a lot of leftovers, ask my ever widening hips if you think I lie. Well, I am going to (try to) stop treating myself like a garbage disposal. I certainly smell better than that!
  • Don’t do it unless I love it! I have pushed myself through the gamut in 2009. Some were worth the added effort, and many left me feeling frustrated. Around Christmas time I was at an event that I felt I really did not want to be there and made a decision to not feel so compelled to do things that I don’t positively love (well except taxes I guess).
  • Play more! Although I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) sometime along the way I became a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) and with no childcare options it meant I was trying to work in between squabbles and screams amongst children who felt that naps were some nasty monster to be avoided. I made a choice to stay home with my children since I felt for me nothing could be more precious than helping mold these young minds. It bugs me to no end that I over committed to events and activities (both work and social) and missed many moments with my beautiful darlings. Though I regret nothing about the investment of time and effort in my blog, I will be a little more selfish as to what I commit my time to. For social events I plan to not do them unless I totally love them. My time with my family is more precious than anything.
  • Date more! Before you go WHAT?, let me assure you that my date would be the handsome dad of my babies. In between juggling 2 very young kids, job losses, a volatile economy and my fledgling startup with no family in sight to help has left little time for anything else. Couple time is definitely higher on my agenda, as it should be!
  • Live and laugh more! I used to be daring. I used to be funny. Just somewhere along the way of having a million hurdles to jump over and always having someone’s snotty nose to wipe I got exhausted. There are sporadic moments where I have outbursts of energy but I intend to be a little more challenging this year. I refuse to toe a line going nowhere or to keep being an audience at someone’s parade when I see they never intend to give anyone else a turn on stage. Life is just too bloody short to waste fretting about anything.

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