Friday 5: 5 Great Things About A Snowy Winter!

FRIDAY 5 | | January 8, 2010 at 7:13 pm


What’s that you say? Is it going to be a trend for 2010 that Mommy Niri is late with her posts? I guess I should have added being on time with my posts as one of my 2010 resolutions. Coming from growing up in tropical weather in South Africa getting used to Boston’s wintry weather for the past 10 years should have been a piece of cake, right? Well, I approach every day of winter thinking that tomorrow is one day closer to Spring. Somehow though I have managed to scrape the ice off a few positive notes to brighten up the day. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and gather round.

1) The several layers of clothing hides how out of shape I am in!

Well at least I hope they do. If not then please don’t feel it necessary to educate me, ignorance is REALLY sometimes bliss.

2) Those winter jackets hide that I am wearing the same pair of jeans for days.

Or that the shirt underneath is my pajamas. I am especially grateful of this when I drop off my daughter at school. Mind you the bottoms would be pajamas too if I did not have to get out of the car to drop her off. And for those of you snickering at my attire let me remind you that she starts school at the ungodly time of 8 freaking o’clock and as a blogger I write at night.

3) I get a workout trying to get my kids to wear their jackets.

What is it about winter jackets that my kids act as if they are crabs pinching the living daylights out of them? Oh and don’t even get me started about them wanting to wear that skimpy summer dress (yes, I should have packed away the summer clothes, but back off) or insisting that her socks are attacking her. So while I dress, and redress, and redress my kids in the winter attire I am sure I am getting some exercise, but there is no visible sign of it.

4) No more mowing the lawn.

Or for that sake watering the lawn. There is something wonderful about the blanket of snow covering that lawn that is made up of weeds and bare spots (courtesy of a year or so of neglect).

5) We get to bond!

Since the playgrounds are out of bounds it means we get to spend a lot of time indoors together. When the kids have driven me crazy after climbing off the wall suffering from cabin fever, I finally park my laziness at the door, right next to the snow boots and come up with some activity together with the kids. That spares me a little anxiety and if that does not work, Starbucks has drive-thru!

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