Friday 5: 5 Annoying Things I Encountered On Vacation!

FRIDAY 5 | | January 29, 2010 at 11:57 am

If you don’t know I have been dealing with some ugly hacker who messed up my site. It has been a scary time but am so relieved to be back and though late with this week’s dose of Friday 5 series, better late than never. Since I have just come back from a media trip to Atlantis, it was the closest thing to a vacation, there were some things I could not comprehend.

  • Kids playing with a nintendo DS games while walking on a beach. Seriously, I don’t need to explain the absurdity of this do I?
  • Little kids having to remove shoes and sweat jackets through airport security. You know how painful it is to put on jackets on kids at home, try doing it in the security checkpoint line, without shoes.
  • Having to store wet swimsuits. Although I let them dry it is really icky to keep these in the bags. In fact hubby actually suggested tossing them. Don’t worry I never listen to him. After hanging overnight, I used the hair dryer to help dry out too.
  • Having people assume vegetarians eat salads or sides only. Surprise, surprise dishes can me made tasty without having to douse everything with meat or meat gravy.
  • Not being able to wake to fresh chai. I can’t help it, I am chai girl and same goes for my kids who love hot chocolate. Thankfully there was a Starbucks in the midst, albeit a little hike, so I give hubby a few brownie points for making a 10pm jaunt for my cuppa.

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