Flossing Made Easier With Waterpik!

HEALTH, REVIEWS | | January 28, 2010 at 6:40 pm

Some time during the holidays I was approached to take the Waterpik for a spin. A few years ago I would have laughed myself silly and passed up on the offer. In fact about 6 or 7 years ago I was wary of the electric toothbrush (I had chalked it up to a gadget for lazy people). Somehow I sucked it up and bought one to try. Needless to say I have never gone back. If you do not have one, then imagine this: you know that squeaky clean feeling you have when an oral hygienist cleans your teeth at a dentist office? Well imagine feeling like that everyday. You only have to another manual brush for a day to feel the disgusting furry taste in your mouth. Something I know too well after my Atlantis trip (I try to not pack electronics when I travel).


My dentist has always remarked on how well I brush (score 1) and then he asks me about whether I floss (uh-oh no). I hate when they ask you that question. Not only is it bad enough that they have their hands in your mouth so you can’t speak anyway, but how on earth do I lie when they can clearly see the crappy proof that I don’t. Well I tried all them flossing stuff, the string, the sticks etc and it never feels right. The one thing right of the bat that I loved about the Waterpik is that it uses water so there is not dependency on some chemical/string etc. It shoots a thin stream of water between your teeth to clean it.


  • It uses water so it is pretty natural with no chemicals etc.
  • You can actually feel the clean sensation.
  • It is not painful
  • It has settings for different setting for the massaging actions
  • Safe for braces
  • Comes with several attachments to clean: toothbrush, tongue cleaner and orthodontic tip for braces and dental work.
  • Has a storage case for storing all pieces
  • Is pretty quiet
  • Is not an eye-sore on the bathroom counter-top
  • You can pause the flossing in between.
  • Truly is an investment in your dental health


  • Might be a pricier option when comparing to the dollarish floss (retails around $59.99)
  • Though small it does take up some counter space.
  • Filling up the water each time becomes a hassle (what can I say I am lazy)
  • It does take some getting used to with the vibration, but honestly so did the electric brush.

Disclosure: I received the Waterpik to review!

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