A New Project Every Month?

REVIEWS | | January 28, 2010 at 12:37 pm

We have been testing out the monthly projects at Home Depot and Lowes. The great thing is they are free the not so great is that they manage to happen at a time when I almost certainly have some other event scheduled. I love planning activities but hate having to shop out for each individual materials. Also when you have kids time is precious and I really don’t want to be scouring the stores for items which also leads me to another issue of having wastage of materials (not to mention storage).

When I heard about the Project Of The Month Club around the holidays I was fascinated. I love the idea of subscribing type gifts only because I think it reminds the receiver so often of the gift giver (like the gift that keeps giving). Unlike magazine subscriptions which may end up in the trash (or hopefully recycle) these projects will hopefully become a part of your home.


  • Invokes kids building projects and instilling confidence amongst several other traits
  • The projects end up being functional items in your home (not just for decoration).
  • Builds teamwork especially when parents and kids work together.
  • Love the natural, non-electronic materials
  • Allows for elements of creativity to allow individual styling of the project.
  • Several pricing options available


  • A little pricier than some parents may be able to afford.
  • The age specifications are on the optimistic side, I think the kid needs to be slightly older than mentioned. All, in all, you can help the child build.

As a special treat for Mommy Niri readers you can use the Promo Code “mommyniri” for 10% off  when ordering!


Disclosure: I received the project samples to review

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