Touch The Web, Print The Web With HP’s New Web Printer!

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While at the Aiming Low party (still praying for Anissa) I got to meet the team from HP and the awesome HP Web Printer (HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web – the world’s first web-connected printer to be exact). Still confused? Hear what my 4 year old girl has to say:

I caught a glimpse at Type A Mom conference but did not get to test drive it. When the invitation to the party said to bring some pictures on a flash drive I was happy to oblige. I started out with my pictures and even printed the most fabulous quality of my MommyNiri logo (I know the logo is fabulous on its own but this printer really did it justice). It made me realize that I have been wasting money by not printing my photos at home (which reminds me I have 6 months of pictures not uploaded – bad mama).  But then I got distracted with something else.


It had applications. This sexy little printer had a mind of its own, and I liked it. It was not merely a tool to get me a printout, but gave me ideas as what more I could be doing. All of this and I had not yet touched the computer. Just as I was getting into the new printer I could see some prodding from behind to “keep it moving” and so I moved all the way home as my babysitter was on the clock. Luckily I was approached by HP to review the new printer and I was thrilled that I could take off where I left off.

I am such a fan of how wireless has de-cluttered our lives so I was already keen on knowing that the install would be easy. I still was unsure how fast the unpacking was but was surprised to see the entire printer in one eco-friendly bag which I just needed to pull out. Next was inserting the ink cartridges. Being a software engineer I feel pretty comfortable with gadgets but I figured the average person was not so I checked out the “help me” touchscreen button (hmm, are they called buttons?) and lo and behold it did an excellent job with the visual animation guiding me away. Loving it already.


I must admit the installation of the drivers on my laptop did not go so easily. Drivers for printers have always been a sore point from time immemorial but I had higher hopes here. Sigh, maybe the next rendition would work on that. The next step was getting the wireless part set up. Detection was a cinch and after hubby entered the memorized WEP key (me wonders why he cannot use that skill on other important details) we were good to go.

Then I checked out the applications and was thrilled to see I could find some activities that could be printed to keep the little girls busy so I could get some tweeting (I meant cooking) done. I was less thrilled that the list seemed a little sparse than I hoped. Which leads to another favorite feature with this little baby. Once you buy it it does not mean that is all you get. Thanks to the wondrous nature this printer continuously can get updates of new features. I really like that feature as by the time I had it set up there were already new applications out like “Letter to Santa”.


The google maps is a great feature (I am a total google girl) and I think personally I would have loved it more if I did not already have a GPS in my car. It is a pleasant way to get directions though, especially with the easy touch pad for the address. The large touchscreen also gives you adequate visual details and get this, you can tilt it however you want. Speaking of touchscreen, my absolute favorite is the “?” and the “X” feature. The help feature is a neat guide along the way but seriously the “X” or cancel print really kicks ass in my book. I am so, so done with cancelling print jobs from the printer and then getting garbled prints out from their printer, any one else with those bad memories?

I do wish it was a little faster to get started but I guess the “big brain” does need extra time. I can’t speak about the faxing feature but have noticed the lack of a feeder may impact it, but I have moved to scanning and emailing docs these days (great non-paper backup and you thought I was not a green girl). The copying feature I did check out and the quality rocks. This baby will be making big appearances at all parties, and maybe (just maybe) I can unearth all those pictures of my kids and print them out.

Here are a few videos to get the picture.

The visual guide on the touchscreen to insert ink cartridges.

Checking out the Nickelodeon application

Installing drivers on laptop

Trying out the recipe application

More applications

The copy feature

Disclaimer:I was provided this printer by HP for review purposes.

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