Snazzy Electronic Gifts: Hershey’s Memory Sticks And The I-Dog Plush Puppy Speaker (Win One Too)!

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Congratulations Jen!

What do you get for the person who has everything? Seriously can’t go cheap right? No use wasting money on something expensive since they may have 10 stacked away in the closet. I guess you could try hand-made but with hand-made it is always a toss up whether it will be a success or not. For me I like to be careful who enjoys the toils (or spoils) of my labor. Then you find some really nifty gadgets that you will not need to sell your kidney to buy but will ensure that you never get forgotten.  Both these finds are under $25 and seriously how cool are they?


These memory sticks come in various sizes from 1GB to 4GB and sport various candy themes like Mr Goodbar, Krackel, Twizzlers and Bubble Yum. I had received one (the Hershey’s one) as an attendee of the Time To Play event in NY and remember using it at the Aiming Low HP party to check out the new HP Web Smart printer (yes the same one I won the bag at) and I still remember the ooh’s and ahh’s  when I pulled out my little flash drive. The detailing is so close to being a mini candy bar that it would be easily mistaken. I have several flash drives that I have received, and I mean it when I say many, but this cool number will stay in my bag.


  • The ultimate in cool and when memory sticks are dropped on you at every turn (is this for everyone or just us bloggers?) it pays to have something a little different.
  • Value for money!
  • The detailing in the design is pretty neat and great quality.
  • The stick is retractable. I wish all memory sticks were.


  • Since it so closely resembles a candy bar, you REALLY have to keep an eye out for the kids.
  • It is a little fat/wide so 2 memory sticks won’t sit so easily side by side. But if you are not a heavy memory stick user this should not matter.

i-dog plush

Ok, so I am the only person on the planet without an iPhone, but I do have an iTouch.  The fact that I don’t play music on it is sad since most of the tunes I hear are kiddie ones. Well I decided to give this baby a spin and streamed some of my favorite music and just plugged it onto this cutie pie, and BAM the music came through the speakers on the I-Dog puppy. I am an engineer but my brain is so mush that I hate having to figure things out and here there was non to figure out.  Now you don’t need to have unsightly speakers just so you can listen to music from portable devices.  The size of the puppy is a good size, for some reason I expected a teeny tiny one, and am glad it was not. My verdict is this lil puppy is going to help get me reacquainted with all my tunes from now on.


  • Loved the packaging, no wires (am I the only one who simply hates all those ridiculous wires on toys and electronics?)
  • Plush really means plush and the design is really cool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive (and I am a cheapie so when I say that, I mean that)
  • No batteries needed (this is such a winner just on its own)


  • Since it works off the portable device volume I wished it could be slightly louder (though it was pretty adequate to hear in the next room – when the kids were not screaming)

Now who wants a puppy of their own? Look kids are always asking for puppies now here is one YOU don’t have to clean up after. Want it? Tell me what you think the best electronic gadget for 2009 is. Note the prize is just for the I-Dog puppy.

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Disclosure: I received both the memory stick and the puppy to review.

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