My Daughter Wants To Be a Princess! Where Did I Go Wrong?

MY VIEWS | | December 10, 2009 at 8:38 pm


If you read my blog regularly you would know that I have 2 little girls and that would have led many to assume that we are a home filled with pink princesses. Actually nothing is further from the truth. But maybe that tide is about to turn. I have always been adamant about women thinking that they are more than a sidekick or someone needing to be rescued. I have tried to save myself from the Barbie image infiltrating my home. Well, to an extent. If someone gave it as a gift I would bitingly accept it. I would not highlight it but I would not deny it too. You may even have seen my storm about Dora growing up.

The princess thing always had me riled. I don’t have an issue with princesses itself but with a prince always needing to rescue her. Coming from a family with 5 girls the feminism was always a focal point. Being told for a gazillion times that “you can’t do that since you are girl”, just made me more determined to try harder to dispel that myth. Now here I am face to face with my 2 year old girl wanting everything pink and declaring herself to be a princess. Think it is cute? She even loves the pig since it is pink (except when it comes to Super Why, then I am the pig).

Of course as much as I would love her to have other aspirations, but I also have stronger wishes for her to have her own aspirations (however crazy that may drive me). So until she changes her mind, I will continue to indulge my little princess at home.

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  1. 1
    karen M says:

    She is very creative, keep indulging her to be the princess :)

  2. 2
    Susan C says:

    Sometimes princesses become queens!My three year old granddaughter is the same way. She loves princesses and pink and all things girly.

  3. 3
    Lauralee Hensley says:

    Sometimes princesses later become Tom Boys and want to play soccer, baseball, golf etc…
    Sometimes it is just like a magic wand is touched upon their nose while they slept and they transform into something totally different. Until that time comes (if it does) then enjoy the pink precious princess she is now, which I know you do.
    God Bless.

  4. 4
    Jessica says:

    I remember this great debate in my Feminist classes in college. The whole thing about little girls being princesses and needing to be rescued which is a huge theme in Disney Movies I might add. Well, for me my daughter can aspire to be whatver she so desires even if it’s a princess (or for her it’s a Rockstar) but I want to provide her with confidence that she does not need to rely on a prince to come save her but rely on her own talents and strenghts.

  5. 5
    amy says:

    I agree with other commenters…I feel confident from what I’ve read here so far that you will indulge her while instilling in her independence and strength.

  6. 6
    Narendra says:

    They market and “it” becomes THIS IS IT. Hard to be different these days, guess not impossible!

  7. 7
    Rosa says:

    Don’t worry about your daughter depending on others. My mother taught all of her daughters to be independent and to never depend on others especially men. Even though I have been brought up to be independent, I still call myself a Princess. I may not be a damsel in distress but instead I like to think of myself as a Princess who can take care of herself.

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