My Daughter Wants To Be a Princess! Where Did I Go Wrong?

MY VIEWS | | December 10, 2009 at 8:38 pm


If you read my blog regularly you would know that I have 2 little girls and that would have led many to assume that we are a home filled with pink princesses. Actually nothing is further from the truth. But maybe that tide is about to turn. I have always been adamant about women thinking that they are more than a sidekick or someone needing to be rescued. I have tried to save myself from the Barbie image infiltrating my home. Well, to an extent. If someone gave it as a gift I would bitingly accept it. I would not highlight it but I would not deny it too. You may even have seen my storm about Dora growing up.

The princess thing always had me riled. I don’t have an issue with princesses itself but with a prince always needing to rescue her. Coming from a family with 5 girls the feminism was always a focal point. Being told for a gazillion times that “you can’t do that since you are girl”, just made me more determined to try harder to dispel that myth. Now here I am face to face with my 2 year old girl wanting everything pink and declaring herself to be a princess. Think it is cute? She even loves the pig since it is pink (except when it comes to Super Why, then I am the pig).

Of course as much as I would love her to have other aspirations, but I also have stronger wishes for her to have her own aspirations (however crazy that may drive me). So until she changes her mind, I will continue to indulge my little princess at home.

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