Houston, We Have A Job!

MY VIEWS | | December 7, 2009 at 9:27 pm


Well, maybe that should be Boston, we have a job. Or rather, Boston we made a job. Umm, forget it, they don’t sound as nice as my heading right? Hubby has been totally against me making a hullabaloo about this but I figured you were the guys to get me through this period so no way I am leaving you out. Today was the first day on the new exciting journey. 3 months with no work have totally brought things into perspective (as I touched on in my last Friday 5 post) and I will never forget the memories (any doubts to the extent of my memory should be directed to my honey who can painfully provide examples). ┬áThis has given us the strength to forge into something new. More on that later but for now know we are entering the holidays heaving a sigh of relief. We are taking it all in slowly as we walk along this new path. Thanks for walking along.

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