Friday 5: 5 Things I Learned In 2009!

FRIDAY 5 | | December 25, 2009 at 8:13 pm


Ok, so I am late. So what? I know you were too busy munching cookies and drinking egg-nog to really notice. Did you notice? Anyway I decided to take a small hiatus from blogging to actually enjoy my family.  This is the final edition of the Friday 5 series for 2009 so I have been reflecting on the year I wanted to share it with you. I have learned:

  • When tough times visit, (some) friends don’t! These past 2 years have been some of the most stressful times in my life and if you know me you will know I have been through the gamut in life, but seeing how people stop caring is amazing. I think they never cared in the first place. On the other hand seeing some wonderful acts of kindness has reaffirmed my faith of good in the world.
  • I need to say ‘No”! I realized that I had not been to the beach in 2009 and that was highly remiss of me. I come from living near the beach so to me it is an important part of summer. I realized that by agreeing to too many events I had been declining ourselves to little moments. Recently I was at a party that I had agreed to and realized I really did not want to be there. When I got back home I promptly changed all my RSVP’s to depict the reply I wished. So liberating.
  • I am not getting any younger! Sad but true. I have been forever putting dealing with me on hold.I keep thinking maybe I will do “this” first or get “that” done before taking care of moi. Well this year I lost some very dear people and had more get seriously ill. Nothing like predicaments like those ┬áto put things in perspective.
  • If you build it, they will come! Although I started blogging early in 2008, it was only in 2009 that I started to get serious about blogging. I did not know anyone that I could reach out for help so I just wrote with my journalistic spirit and am glad that kind friends along the way have sent me opportunities. I feel pretty strongly about the fact that I write for my readers and myself. I feel honored with every single comment or message. I still am amazed anyone reads my blog.
  • I can’t control (ill) fate but I can control how I deal with it. Having been dealt with blow after blow there were many a moment I had decided to stop writing. It is hard to continue to do something for free that absorbs so much energy and gets so little respect from the community. I have faith that will change but until then I will just have to carve out some new paths to a happier place.


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    None of us are getting any younger. On the upside, though, as you demonstrate, we get a bit wiser each year and it’s also a bit easier to say No and protect your own interests.

    Best wishes for 2010.

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    Im glad that you are taking back you time to be more with family and more selective about events. Like you said we’re not getting any younger so lets enjoy the moments we have doing things we enjoy.

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    Amy says:

    These are things I’m learning this year too. I’ve always had sleepless nights, but now that I’m blogging and following wonderful people like you I’m feeling a better sense of community and fufillment. It’s a great way to spend a sleepless night! Thanks for sharing and writng such a great blog!

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    You know what? Reading your post has inspired me to evaluate my own year as well. It was a very challenging year for me personally and I am just hoping that 2010 will be a little easier for me and my family. And yes, I am getting older myself. Oh, boy am I realizing that more and more each day. :)

    Here’s wishing you a prosperous New Year!

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