Friday 5: 5 Signs You Spend Too Much Of Time On Twitter!

FRIDAY 5 | | December 12, 2009 at 6:56 am


Ok, stop it, it can’t be just me! I mean really I know you all looove Twitter as much as I do. Well in honor of my favorite tool I dedicate this week’s Friday 5 in Twitter’s name. I just read a Seth Godin post that may suggest I take a break from it though but for now a tribute is in order.

  • When you see a twitter party on it is absolutely addictive to join in. On that point maybe @resourcefulmom and @jylMomIF better stop making fun parties so I can at least focus on other things. The #hashtags make you feel like you are in some special club
  • You constantly check for @’s in case someone “mentioned” you. Seriously always nice to be mentioned, right>?
  • You wish you could ReTweet what someone said IRL (in real life) at times. Not sure about you but ReTweet has a way of saying so much and nothing at the same time. You say you agree or want to highlight/promote another’s tweets to all your followers.
  • You find out what is happening in the world on twitter. I found out so many news items faster than the tv/radio news like the whole Michael Jackson incident. If ever you need to check what is the talk about all you need to do is glance at the trending topics in twitter
  • Your online tweeps know more about what is happening in your life than your offline friends. Truth is you really don’t try to hard knowing they don’t understand your life. You miss your online tweeps when you go offline for a bit and your face lights up when you see your buddies tweets go up.

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    Carito says:

    Well, I am wanting a sign for the keihctn. So I would nail it all together, kind of like subway tile, then paint/ stencil on the words I am wanting. Wondering what you have up your sleeve…….? :0)

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