Friday 5: 5 Great Things About Being Unemployed!

FRIDAY 5 | | December 4, 2009 at 8:49 pm


I know I am really late with this dose of the Friday 5 series, but I have been horridly sick or else nothing could make me miss writing this post. So you all know by now that we have been in the doggie house with regards to the job scene.  Well trust me if you hate reading about it, we hate living it. Always mean to keep it real here on Anyway, there are some pretty positive things that are great about being unemployed (yes there are many reasons that suck but those we all know). I know I covered a few points in one of my other Friday 5 post, but here I mean to delve deeper.

  1. You get to be an expert on bargain shopping! You know how you sometimes just grab the first item in the store (well maybe that is just me), so I now take a closer at how to score a deal. I must admit I have coveted samples and freebies. And for anyone who looks down on that thought, my point is why pay for something full price if you can get it cheaper, or free. Of course it has also has the advantage of me not spending time shopping as if it was a recreational event.
  2. You feel less guilty saying no to all the charity requests. You know how it is when you sit down to a good meal and that call comes in? Yes, the one that gives you the reasons of why you HAVE TO give money to this charity and you can start with a small sum and assumes you are ready to give it and just wants to take down your details? Yes, exactly. Now I can easily say, with no remorse that we are unemployed, so a big NO!
  3. I cook more. Eating out has always been a thing of convenience (read laziness) so this has been curbed since the wallets have thinned. It also means my kids have been privy to some awesome home made treats. Being a vegetarian has helped in that fresh veggies are cheap and building them in meals has been great for us, and nutritious too, and much more than processed meals.
  4. I have scouted and found free entertainment and activities. By just looking closely I was able to find cheaper (read free) activities for my kids and I. By the time you hit the storytime or crafts  or activities of library, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Lowes , Pottery Barn, Lego, Kidtoon Movies ($3.50 very kid friendly movies and same price for concession stand), the day is done – and so is their entertainment.
  5. You realize who your friends are. Ain’t that the truth? I have heard “friends” who heard the news saying they will call, and never do. I have had “friends” call once just tell me to check if I qualify for foodstamps or WIC. I have been conveniently left out of events. I have friends who see me get review samples and ask me clearly to give it to them (ahem people there is no such thing as free or spare products). I have been to events and the conversation dies (a horrid death) when they find out that hubby is still unemployed (it used to die when they found out I was a SAHM). But then… I have friends who sent me checks, just in case. I have friends who turned up at my home with my kids favorite drinks and snacks (even though they had lost their job too). I had friends who created celebratory meal, since we could not celebrate festivals, and turned up at my door surprising us. I had friends who dropped off grocery items at my home, without asking.

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