What’s In Your Backpack?

EDUCATION, MY VIEWS | | November 25, 2009 at 9:30 pm


I hear her footsteps on the porch, so that means she is back from school. Dad has been the one to get her these days, and I am sure he has not bothered to even check her backpack. That exciting task has been relegated to me and a task that I dread each day. Each day I stare at the bag and procrastinate on opening that backpack. I mean seriously she is in pre-k, how much does the school want to tell me about that I missed in the 2 ½ hours that she is away in the day?

There, jam-packed in her bag sandwiched between her water bottle and partially eaten snack, was a wad of paper. Art projects are totally expected; I mean my “wall-papered” fridge is a testament to how many of these make their way home. On that note, dear teacher I really would not mind if you kept a few of those art projects for the class. At first when I saw the barrage of papers that followed my daughter home I thought, well maybe this would decrease after a while.

A fundraiser request, the Scholastic order form, class report, supplies request form, (another) party announcement, a reminder of a school closure, a new snack policy and the list goes on. A few days ago I realized that I had just missed an after school event that my daughter was looking forward to. I felt like an utter heel for not marking the date before it got buried under the next day’s forms. I mean I am totally behind as it is and am running like a crazy woman just trying to manage my regular calendar (which is not doing so good too) and now I have a curve ball thrown in the works.

I guess I should get a file, I mean I will get a file, but I really hate files, well paper files that is. Especially since that means all my papers getting lost together. It would be great to have all of this pertinent information just automatically sent online so I don’t have to (mis)type it. Sigh, until then I can hear the trees groan every time a Xerox is made.



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    karen M says:

    Thanks for the chuckle, I have so many christmas ornaments that the kids make each year, we just able decorate the treee with christmas Art projects. Kind of nice looking back thru the years and remembering when each one made it for you.

  2. 2

    My baby girl brings home a lot of papers too from day-care. It’s not even Pre-K yet, technically. I just start tossing the non-important stuff and have a little box for the crafts she makes.

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    Tara says:

    Wow.. I can almost feel your headache lol :) I homeschool my son for now.. so thankfully I haven’t run into this issue yet! :)

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    Jerelyn says:

    When my teenager was in first grade she didn’t finish her ice cream sandwhich that came with her lunch so she put it in her lunchbag to save for later. Hehe. She was so disappointed but I couldn’t help but laugh.

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