Baby Genius Brings Toys With The Beat!

REVIEWS | | November 25, 2009 at 9:12 pm

On returning from the Time To Play (top toys 2009) event I came across a few of the Baby Genius toys. My experience to Baby Genius prior to the event was mainly the videos of nursery rhymes.  I have on occasion used it to “babysit” my kids while I got some precious activity attended to. In fact the Sleepytime videos were my favorite and they actually all came with matching cds.  Toys by Baby Genius were new to me. I agreed to review a few of their selections. While most of the toys are aimed at baby and toddler, some lean to preschoolers.

Tempo’s Musical Broom

I thought the musical broom would be a great addition since my kids are always hovering over my cleaning stuff (which don’t get used as often as they should) and I am freaky about the germs so I always shoo them away. This way they could keep a trusty broom with maybe a few bells and whistles.  I loved that it was short enough and lightweight enough.  Not only does it play the familiar tunes of Baby Genius, but also makes “sweeping” sounds.


  • Perfect height and weight
  • Great role-play enforcement
  • Not girly designed so not perpetrating sweeping/housework a female chore like most of housekeeping toys.
  • Music is cute.
  • There is an OFF switch.
  • Sweeping  sound promotes pretend play.
  • Sturdy quality


  • The sounds can sound repetitive after hearing it continuous for a while.
  • While there is an OFF switch it would be great to not have it so prominently displayed

Old McVinko’s Musical Farm

The barn seemed like another great toy stimulating role play. My girls have several doll house type structures and I have to admit they are all still played with actively. Only thing now is that they play with them by adding structures and characters to make their story more intense.

This barn is a great toy for boys and girls with several little hidden compartments to hide the several of the regular characters along with a few extra farm animals. There is a rotating floor at the bottom to see the characters go through the barn and open the gates.


  • Plenty of nooks and crannies for extended play.
  • Familiar characters from the Baby Genius along with a few new characters.
  • A switch to stop the rotating floor.
  • An extra fence to make the play go beyond the actual barn
  • The characters are soft so a younger child can hold onto them (though not the barn itself).
  • This product can be played with kids of varying ages and encourage playing together.


  • No switch to stop the music. This is really annoying.
  • Only the main characters fit in the rotating floor.

Disclosure: I received both these products to review!

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