Stop And Shop Shares Holiday Tips At Annual Blogger Brunch!

NEWS | | November 8, 2009 at 8:38 pm

Since I had vague memories of last year’s luncheon with Stop & Shop, I made a promise that this year I would relax more. My older child finishes school by 10:30am (I know too early for me too) so I took her straight from her pre-school along with my feisty 2 year old since they had childcare provided. Knowing that my kids hardly eat if children or crafts are around I got them a wholegrain bagel to take care of their luncheon. It was too funny that after telling my kids we were off to the Stop & Shop party, they kept yelling in the car that I was going the wrong way. After my irritation subsided I realized they thought it was at the Stop & Shop store we frequent (those girls are too smart for their own good). The luncheon party was actually held the “Upstairs on the Square” in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA).


I am a big lover of Cambridge as I used to work there and was looking forward to a nice sit down adult meal. I was surprised to learn that I was the only one with kids, oh well at least my kids may actually behave with all the attention on them. With the economy in mind and creativity abound the theme was handmade gifts to give (or keep). There were 3 stations: a floral one, a recipe jar one (cookies or soup) and a chocolate coating pretzel one. I had fun in all and you can actually share in the adventures with my pictures. If there is enough requests I will share the cookie/jar directions and the pretzel coating recipe with you in a later post. Feel free to ask away.

After sitting down to a scrumptious dinner with Andrea Astrachan and the ladies of 360 PR we learned more of all the ways Stop & Shop is trying help in these tough times. There were a lot of great topics but 2 that were of particular interest was their holiday discount program and also the new magazine “Small Victories” out to help moms with tips and tricks and even some fabulous coupons (it is issued 6 times a year and mailed only to “moms”, ┬ánot sure how they figure that demographic but ping them if you don’t get one).

*Disclosure: Parking, childcare, lunch, all items made, and a swag bag with gifts including a $100 gift card to Stop & Shop was included.

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