Review: Spinbrush By Arm & Hammer | Kid’s Electric Toothbrush

REVIEWS | | November 29, 2009 at 12:22 am

Timing in blogging is sometimes a little weird. My kids normally use the Colgate electric toothbrush (more for the Dora picture on it) but recently the battery ran out and on a Halloween trick or treat a house gave out (manual) toothbrushes (the dad was a dentist but seriously how cool is that?). The fact that there were Dora brushes meant both my kids forgot about all the candy they collected. Anyway I had been back and forth about getting another electric toothbrush since I had no faith in how well my kids were brushing their teeth.


Even though they were brushing twice a day I knew that the electric brush would be much more effective, especially since I use an electric brush myself. On days that I travel and use a manual brush, it feel like icky fur in my mouth. I always used to think it was a lazy person to use an electric brush until I started.  I began to wonder how worse my kid’s mouth would feel since they eat much more sweeter stuff than me and are less likely to mind the icky feeling. I needed no convincing that an electric brush was better, but which one?

When I was approached to test drive (or rather have my kids test drive) the new Arm and Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush I was game to try it. I had recently seen the advertisement on television and was interested. We received the Dolphin and the Butterfly design to review so I cannot vouch for the other designs.  After my 2 and 4 year old daughters tried it out, here is what I found:


  • Beats a manual toothbrush, hands down.
  • I had the more expensive brand for the kids and from look of the brush they looked the same.
  • Nice to designs that include non (commercial) character designs.
  • Motor is quiet enough it does not scare the kids.
  • Batteries are removed by unscrewing the screw, so kids cannot mistakenly (or purposely) remove it.
  • The designs really are fresh and the the 3D feel and look is really neat.
  • They have a wide range for ages 3+
  • They are truly more affordable (all under $7)


  • The butterfly toothbrush switch is much more difficult to switch on or off (even for me).
  • Although the switch on the butterfly spinbrush was a 3D plastic, the rest of the design on the same brush was a sticker stuck to it. Although it seemed to withstand the water for now, I doubt it would look so great a month or so later as it becomes porous.
  • I really wish on kid’s brushes the switches were more pulse like so battery would not get wasted. Just a note that this was a feature that was on other electric brushes too and was not specific just to this brand. Would be a wonderful feature to only have it work when the kid holds the button down.

Disclosure: I received the Arm and Hammer spinbrush to review

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