My Post On Anissa That I Hated Writing! #prayersforanissa

MY VIEWS | | November 18, 2009 at 7:57 am


I have been back and forth about writing a post about Anissa, I hated anything to sound too eulogy like. But I have already cried enough times as I started pouring over her older posts (thank you @phdinparenting for posting about that letter she wrote to her kids). I know the pain and support for Maddie Spohr but had never really been online in twitter-verse at that time to know too much.

My¬†interaction¬†with Anissa started when I was trying to find quips for a post I was writing on What Not To Say To SAHM. She was the 1st to leave a comment on BlogHer and came back to comment on my post. She was my introduction to the other side. I really don’t want to write here.. Stroke is too personal for me to be logical. My mom, her sister and both her parents died after having a Stroke so I get all clumped up to think about it. I left South Africa soon after so that I could be in a place that does not remind me of a place without her.

The reason I admire Anissa so much was because I knew of the pain she endures as her child battles cancer, but she livens up a room. I managed to catch up with her in BlogHer, Type A Mom conference and at the Aiming Low party in Boston. Anissa, we love you and miss having your snarky comments around. Get on up and shoot a tweet, won’t you?

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