Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough

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The holidays are fast approaching and as much as the food and festivities come to mind, also that huge sigh when you think of all those presents you need to buy. Since I can’t help too much with the cost of the gifts, well maybe a little as I promise some cool contests, I can help you get a little insight into some products I have laid my hands on.  This will hopefully help in your decision making.

Recently I came across Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough and seeing it being listed I was curious. Truth is I am a borderline organic gal. When I can afford it I always reach out for Organic, but truth of the matter the wallet does at time determine how far I will let that go. I am a Play-Doh girl (those other knock offs in cheaper stores just don’t cut it) and had never thought of an organic version. When anyone says organic food always springs to mind (I guess that is no surprise to you).

Well I agreed to try it out  and received a complimentary package of the Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough-Deluxe Gift Set to see whether it would convert this mama or at the least pass the test of my 2 little girls. The package is extremely packaged and anyone receiving it would be visually impressed at the gift set. Set includes three 7 oz containers of Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough, a 100% organic toddler apron featuring the logo “Organically Awesome!”, a child sized made in the U.S.A. wood rolling pin, and four made in the U.S.A. wooden shape stampers.

Here is what I liked:

  • Organic means better for the earth and a way we should be heading
  • Made in USA means less fuels wasted in transporting this product and control over factories that produce them.
  • Non-battery operated play is always a plus in my book
  • Toxin free means chance of recall is reduced.
  • Pre-packaged option makes it an attractive gift with add on options.
  • The wood, as opposed to plastic accessories, further promote the sustainability notion.
  • I just LOVE D the apron
  • The colors are clean and packaging neat.

What I did not:

  • The dough itself was the on the stickier side so kids may feel it a little messier. Not sure if it improves with time but when we tried it the kids kept asking to wipe their hands.
  • The stampers are ok, but cutouts would be more practical. I am sure that wood cutters are possible but I am guessing they may make it more expensive to produce compared to stampers.
  • A tad more expensive for something I am not sure will last. You know how much of play-doh gets thrown in our home, so not sure I can sustain this. In their defense they do say you can add some water if it hardens.

Mommy Niri verdict: Worth taking a look at. Organic products still need a way to go to meet the practical needs but if more of us bought them that would be funding the path to a better living for all, especially our children!

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