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MY VIEWS | | November 2, 2009 at 9:34 pm

The Kelly Laptop Bag

The journey has been long and pretty broken. I am not a handbag girl, or for that matter an accessory girl. Truth is I am no slave to fashion, heck it barely even makes a visit to my closet. Speaking of my closet it is a mixture of maternity clothing (yes my youngest is 2 years old so shut up about it) and pre maternity clothing which I never give up (that may be actually admitting that I may never get into them again) and mixed with a few items I picked up for BlogHer.

A bag is an essential item granted, and for a female doubly so. I mean we don’t stuff our pockets like guys with all our stuff, plus we have more stuff. I have always opted for a backpack like contraption, even with motherhood the Baby Bjorn backpack served our diaper bag needs well (plus it was unisex enough for dad to tow). I mean I have been bestowed with supercute bags from family and blogging events and I love just stroking them but none are practical and I am well, a practical girl. Yes, sometimes I wish I was not but at most times I opt for the safe black shirt that would go with everything or the ever multi-use shoes (that one deserves a whole separate post).

Anyway at this point in my life I just needed a bag big enough to carry my little netbook yet stylish enough to distract from my mismatched clothing, but easy enough to use all the time (my too-lazy-to-shave-self really hates moving stuff from bag to bag). Should be easy, right? I thought so and got a bargain at Aldo just in time for my Chicago trip. I was pretty confident with my purchase until 3 hours before my flight the handle (along with my nerves) snapped.  No time to get back to that store to return in I try to calmly opt for another bag at New York and Co and get one just in time before I make my flight.

Did I mention that I was hosting a contest at that particular time with SpringPad for a reader to win a Coach bag? Well the saga does not end there, I get to Chicago as I am in that airport the less-than-a-day-old bag’s closure breaks, along with my spirit. The wallet is a little on the empty so I opt to tote that bag as is, to all of my events and even to both the Type A Mom conference and to Blogalicious conference (where I was speaking). Yes, that broken baby has gone places with me and each time I was painfully reminded of my less than perfect companion.

Well last week along with the Aiming Low party, the tides of change also came in. Hubby and I decided to attend this shindig together to try and have a change of scenery. Of course we mingled with the tweeps from HP and Staples as well as their newer products but like Cinderella we had to leave the party earlier, well when you have a babysitter the clock is ticking and the coins are clinking. Later that evening I got a message that hubby dearest won some stuff.  I was only remotely excited until I picked up the prizes. Amongst several very good leather office supplies was the prettiest thing this girl ever saw. Lo and behold a sexy, red laptop bag.

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