I’m Thankful For You!

MY VIEWS | | November 26, 2009 at 9:19 pm


Thanksgiving is quite different in my home. Without a turkey to boot being that ours is a vegetarian home, it is difficult to gain the common image portrayed of what Thanksgiving is.  Of course the thought of what you are are thankful for is a good angle to focus on. I have been struggling to find that zone to be thankful for something this Thanksgiving especially since we have no job for the past 3 months. I know things could be worse but I also know it could be better.

While I see everyone gear up for Black Friday sales I feel a tinge of envy. It is not that I am a big shopper but there is a difference to not wanting to go shopping compared to knowing you can’t afford to go shopping. In fact the holidays plain suck for me at this time. I know, I know, I sound like a party pooper but empty pockets and family far away is enough to challenge the even the most optimistic of souls.

But there is a rainbow. No, no job yet, I promise to be screaming off the the mountaintops when that does happen, but my readers have been my beacon of hope. Instead of fretting every night over our predicament, I spend hours on running the Mommy Niri blog. Yes, it earns me absolutely no money but it gives me purpose. Every time a reader leaves a comment here on my blog or on my fanpage it delights me to no end to know that someone out there actually reads my blog. By reading my blog you have allowed me into your home, and bring me a glimmer of hope in mine. Thank you!


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    I agree that my blog(s) and Internet peeps are an important part of my life. I’m so glad I can look back on 2009 (despite my husband’s unemployment) and think of many good times I spent, not only with family and real-life friends,but with new friends like you at Blogalicious. We must believe in good times and a good economy ahead.

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    Mommy Niri says:

    Kim, I have to admit that dinner we had gave me much perspective (and faith) of how we are not alone as we trudge along this.

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    Kristen Dascoli says:

    What a great post. And you don’t sound like a party pooper. You sound like someone who is being realistic. The holidays do suck when family is not around and you can’t afford to buy things to share with the people you love.

    But, as you imply, life is about the connections we make. And sometimes (okay, almost always) those connections lead to wonderful things.

    Wishing you “wonderful things” this holiday season (and always)

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    Mommy Niri says:

    Thank you Kristen! The connections are something that happen so fast and yet so many are so deep.

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    Gaynelle says:

    Yes, I can agree with you on the holidays, it’s tough for me and my family as well. As Black Friday comes, I do envy people going out to shop, and I think that I would like to go shopping as well, but knowing that we don’t really have the money to shop, I stay home with the kids and look at circulars on the web sites.

    All my relatives live in the Midwest, so it’s just me and the kids for Thanksgiving.

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    Priscilla says:

    Hello!! I follow you on Twitter but havent left any comments here … seems like the PERFECT post to do so! ((HUG))

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    Mommy Niri says:

    Gaynelle, we should make our own Black Friday when the tide comes in.

    Priscilla, thank you so much for stopping by, and more so for the hugs (right back atcha!)

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