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Is blogging a people’s movement? Do you think bloggers can topple corporations (maybe even governments)?
I don’t view blogging as separate from individuals to corporations to governments.  Blogging as a tool can be powerful with all three groups.  Inherently, blogging today means that everyone can be publishers in five minutes.  The challenging part, for any blogger, is making sure that the content is valuable, relevant and compelling to the niche being targeted.
I see some maturity evolving out of blogs. What kind of careers do you see spawning out of this?
For years now, bloggers have developed their own media outlets, such as Brian Clark at Copyblogger or Darren Rowse at Problogger.  Yes, I do believe that they are changing.  Now that there are so many blogs being created every day, content has to be first rate, and the blogger has to be active in the community in order for that content to spread.
Not sure about careers, but I believe that a blog is an important component of every person’s personal brand.  I’d forget the resume…just develop a blog and get to it.
What should mommy bloggers not do to alienate themselves from working with companies?
Mommy bloggers, like any other bloggers, just have to have a clear understanding of their target audience and deliver content that addresses their customers’ pain points.  If that’s done, it will be beneficial and everyone wins.
Is it possible to be truly authentic and yet not be seen as pimping some one’s product?
If you are getting paid by the product, I believe it’s very difficult to be perceived as authentic, even though the blogger may believe they are in their heart.
As big advertising money moves from TV to social media how can mommy bloggers position themselves?
Niche yourself.  Find a really important niche topic that advertisers have a very hard time reaching.  Dominate that niche market.  The money will follow.
How can corporations reach out to mommy bloggers or leverage mommy bloggers to send their message?
If a mommy blogger reaches a defined niche that the advertiser has a tough time reaching, of course a company will want to work with the blogger to get in front of that audience.  Regarding the how, once a mommy blogger sets up a real media channel, it’s not much different than working with a  You could go straight sponsorship, display, co-branding or custom content.
Are companies too caught up in UGC that they consider bloggers as free workers, who would slog for free?
UGC is just one piece of content.  It’s difficult for a company to position themselves as a trusted expert resource without developing a compelling story.  Corporations that really believe that pay real money for those that can help them tell their story.
Are there any noteworthy trends as to the kinds of campaigns companies are running – greater good for society, forcing ugc, plain simple product pitches?
Corporations are trying to figure out how to communicate directly with their customers.  Buyers are going online and finding their buying information themselves.  They are not looking for brands, they are looking for helpful information.  In order to get noticed, a corporation has to develop helpful information that buyers will respond to.  I don’t see this changing for a while.  This means a long-hard move of dollars from advertising to custom content.
Do you see bloggers playing side by side to traditional media/PR OR bloggers replacing a big chunk of traditional media/PR?
Yes, but not in a sheer movement of dollars, but more in concentration and resources.  Organizations won’t throw money at bloggers, but may decide to have a brand spokesperson get active in communities that matter.  The goal is not to insert an interruptive ad, but to add to the community conversation.
What is the role of FTC in managing bloggers given their recent ruling on disclosure policy? What is the difference between a celebrity endorsing a product vs. a blogger endorsing a product? should they be treated same?
You stumped me.  I honestly don’t know.  I am aware of some organizations trying to develop a grading system to that bloggers can communicate to readers how they should treat the blog…such as pure journalism versus sponsored posts.  It could get sticky for a while.  My suggestion to any blogger, be completely transparent.  Someone will always find out in the end anyway.

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