Friday 5: 5 Ways To Annoy A Blogger!

FRIDAY 5 | | November 20, 2009 at 8:17 pm

dear mommy

Dang, is it Friday already? How did that happen? I feel like I was just late yesterday writing my Friday 5, but here I am again, not really late, but not as early as I promise myself every week. Well today at least I managed to get my counters clean (well I mean clear) so you can see what color the countertops are, and that is not a pretty sight, mind you, so I feel like I am on top of my game. Not that that has anything with my Friday 5 topic today but felt so proud that I felt it was important to share with all my readers. Wow, don’t unsubscribe yet, here’s this weeks edition from the Friday 5 series. In the interest of not annoying a blogger I urge anyone working/pitching/approaching a blogger to NOT:

  • Send me an email addressed Dear Blogger! Seriously if your (paid) time is so precious that you can’t take the courtesy to read the About page, then my (unpaid) time is too precious to even bother to read the rest of your email. Delete!
  • Give me the “Story Idea“. Who is the writer anyway? Do you think my blog is just real estate and you can park your crap there anytime. Don’t “help” me out. If I need it, I sure know where to ask, and I promise to spell your name correctly if I do (hint, hint!)
  • Ask me if I need high resolution images to review your product. Unless you are selling high resolution images to people, don’t expect me to put my name on the line for something I can’t see for myself. It may be surprising to learn that many readers really value our opinion and we value being honest.
  • Beat around the bush. Those long winded emails are frustrating, please just get to the point. As someone who has kids in the background tearing the place apart (and hopefully not each other), every minute longer that I spend trying to find your point makes me less thrilled.
  • Pick my brain. Whether you are old or new acquaintance trying to get find out contacts, strategy is pretty tacky. Firstly strategy is not free, it is knowledge we have obtained through work and it is our commodity. Blatantly asking for contacts puts us on the spot. We don’t send (sell) out our contact’s details and if we make an introduction it automatically says that we are recommending you and puts pressure on the contact to react on it. If we barely know you or can’t totally vouch for you, it really makes it an awkward position for us.


  1. 1
    Laura Benjamin says:

    I always love reading your articles!

  2. 2
    Varsha says:

    Love your Friday 5s! Honest and entertaining.

  3. 3
    Courtney says:

    Ohhh, thank you so much for saying this!!! I HATE the “Story Idea” emails – it’s like they think they’re doing your job for you and act like we should be grateful they wrote a (completely biased) article for us.

    But, sadly I think there are a lot of bloggers out there who are happy to just copy and paste press releases.

    Thanks for the post!


  4. 4

    I agree that being addressed personally in an email is important, but unless it’s sincere, it is no different than it being addressed to “Dear Blogger”. For example, I get a ton of emails addressed to “Dear Nicole” then they are canned commentary. At least say something personal about my blog, my family or acknowledge that you value MY opinion, not just a Blogger’s opinion.

    Thanks for the Friday 5!

  5. 5

    Perhaps I should feel grateful that I’ve not encountered any of this in my little spot in the blogosphere…totally uncool!

  6. 6

    I don’t mind the question about the high res images because at Celebrity Baby Blog we needed high res images to accompany review posts (if we said we accepted low-res images, we often got too small or truly terrible resolution photos).

    However, I always said that in general we could not review a product without having the chance to see the product in person. I didn’t always need to use it, but needed to see how it worked.

  7. 7
    Texasholly says:

    Yes, I get “Dear June” letters all. the. time. It is hard to believe that my parents didn’t actually name me June Cleaver. That doesn’t seem to be obvious to people who want something from me but aren’t paying attention.

  8. 8
    Sheila says:

    I agree 100000%! As a fellow blogger and a blogger like you that actually has my name in my blog name it really isn’t that hard to figure out what my name is. Heck call me Sheilacakes. My mom does.

    The whole hi-res images thing just annoys me. How am I supposed to review or test or write about anything that I don’t really have a chance to try out or know about. I am not interested in talking about things unless I personally try them out for myself. Pictures of items that I am actually reviewing are great. Other than that I am not going to take my time to write anything without having experience. That would be like me writing about a vasectomy.

    Story ideas what is that? I get those too. Not sure why they call it a story idea. If you want to offer me something to write about don’t act like I am a paid reporter.

    That is all! Great post! I agree with them all!

  9. 9
    RM says:

    Hi there,

    After chatting with Nirasha about being on the other side of the relationship, she asked me to post here. I cannot speak on behalf on any company, other publicists, etc. but I do know that clients sometimes “suggest” pitch ideas which we are required to send along. Whenever I send one, I never view it as a “let me tell you how to do your job” type scenario. For me, I respect the domain as property of the holder so I would certainly never tell someone how to clean their house.

    I completely understand the other side of it, however. To be addressed as “mommy blogger” is insulting on multiple levels. The hi-res thing is also annoying. I never pitch a product I can’t send (at least try my hardest not to).

    Hope this is (somewhat) insightful!

  10. 10
    Honey Mommy says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I have had people contact me asking if they can help me come up with content for my blog.

    Um… Hello?! Why do you think I blog in the first place? I have plenty of my own ideas, thank you!

  11. 11
    Qtpies7 says:

    I don’t get all wrapped up in most of those things, but I do appreciate it if they know my name, lol. I don’t want to do a review of something I can’t see, touch, use, though. That kind of thing aggravates me, but as someone with 7 kids who like destroying cameras, I have to say, the pictures help me quite often. (I have been through 3 cameras in the last year thanks to kids and water)

  12. 12

    I have one PR person in particular who is notorious for sending me the “heres the story” pitch… this person also likes to end said emails in “email me the link when the story posts”… um.. what? lol

    and I fell into the “pick your brain” situation too… Which, I now know better.

  13. 13
    Meghan says:

    Your honesty is always so refreshing. You have definitely struck a nerve here. People seem kinda defensive in some of these posts. Good for you. Keep it real, Mommy Niri!

  14. 14
    Maria says:

    HAHA. Seriously, people need to take the time to be more professional and at the very least address the e-mail specifically to YOU instead of a general joe shmo title. Sounds like they need to re-take a class in PR.

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