Friday 5: 5 Ways Stores Can Make For Happier Moms!

FRIDAY 5 | | November 27, 2009 at 8:24 am


Black Friday (to those out of USA it is the day after Thanksgiving and one of the biggest shopping days) just passed here so while I can’t hit the sales I can surely make that the theme of today’s Friday 5. Don’t forget to catch up on the rest of the Friday 5 series.

  1. Automatic doors! You kind of think that this is common enough right? Well not as much as I would love them to be. Imagine juggling 2 kids and having to open the door, and keep them open while the kids enter/exit while still keeping them close enough. Add to that a few packages and you have a juggling act on your hands.
  2. Parent parking! Does it ever feel like walk and lug from your distant parking spot to the mall is a journey on its own? Some companies, like (my favorite store) IKEA does have family parking and I managed to find a young guy so arrogantly park his car in the spot marked for families and walk off. I started noticing some spots in mall parking area deemed recommended for families but again I noticed the signs ignored, but still appreciate the effort. Just like Babies R Us have signs for expectant moms, these little things make a big difference.
  3. Little play areas for kids. Somehow the patience level of our little ones seems to disappear the moment we hit the checkout. Some stores have a small little play area and since shopping can get long it helps take off the edge. This certainly allows mama and kiddo to blow off some steam.Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s get a full thumbs up for this.
  4. Faster checkouts. This is a big point and I am hardly being fair to lump it together but it is called Friday 5 and not Friday 500. I wish for no candy checkout, wider checkouts – so my kids don’t grab everything in sight while they go passed it, ¬†and for faster cashiers (am I the only one who feels like she has the slowest cashier in the store?), and priority checkouts for parents with kids (they do it for airlines so why not in stores?) !
  5. Kiddo drop-off. I know some moms scoff at this idea but IKEA has it (IKEA rocks seriously) and it is a lifesaver. Understandably they expect kids to be potty trained etc but it still helps a lot. Shopping is a pain we have to deal with but no reason to subject our kids to it more than we have to.

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