Friday 5: 5 Big Annoying Things Little Kids Do!

FRIDAY 5 | | November 13, 2009 at 8:27 pm


I know that even though you are all caught up in the chaos of the day you are now ready to relax as you get to your (hopefully) favorite part of your day reading the weekly dose of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series. Yes, I love my kids and I know that you do too, but hey come on, it is those eeny teeny annoying things that they do that drive you bananas. I know that we can overcome the moment with another distracting song or crazy act, but sometimes we just don’t have the energy to muster up anything.

  • The jelly-like, limp body. This has to be my all-time drive-me-so-nuts performance. What is it that makes kid lose all backbone and turn to mush especially when you try to dress them? In between propping their lifeless body as you put those little clothes on their bodies make you really feel like you deserve an Oscar Award. The temptation is so strong to just leave them as is at times. Sounds minor to you? So does a flea on your back, but irritating, isn’t it?
  • The all time stripper. The amount of times I see a naked little kid run around after being fully clothed less than 2 minutes earlier  is ridiculous. This distaste of clothing leaves me in a panic that a public display is not on the horizon.  A horrid manifestation to this the allergy to winter clothing.  As fast as you can get the jacket, mittens and hat on, they are removed with double the speed and triple the amazement. Add another kid to the mix and you can forgive a mom for caving in and sending them to school as is, hoping they would wear the jacket she packs for them (no, we are not that uncaring). And if I ever found the sick person who makes gloves with fingers for little kids expecting me to find their itty bitty fingers, I would ughh!
  • Pretend to like to eat something. You know this one all too well. We spend time toiling in the kitchen, thinking what food they won’t reject. Then we make note of some backup plan. We wait anxiously to see if they will accept what is placed in front of them, and as they place it in their mouth we get so excited, because we know that is part of the battle. Then we get excited if we see them eat and we think, ok this is great and begin to relax. Then comes the rejection and you are not sure if you want to ram all that food you cooked, just pretend, but worry of they are weak they may catch that next bug going around, but also think it is important to not force the issue, while also fighting the urge to cave in with another (favorite) food. And you wonder how we go crazy, right?
  • Wait until you are on the phone until they scream murder. Make that as soon as you start any conversation with an adult. You know what happens when the phone rings, but also all the bribing that goes into allowing that conversation to continue. I think my kids have caught on and use that moment to ask me for something.
  • The kid who cried “potty”! I love having my both kids potty trained early. I do. I am not ungrateful for the fact that I don’t have to fork out big money for those diapers anymore, but the flip side of the coin is IT IS ALL ABOUT THE POTTY. When you are about to step out in a rush (which you always are), they want to use the potty. All the time. Every time. Everywhere. Not only is it annoying but downright disgusting. I have been to every public restroom and then some, plus I carry a potty in the car for places that don’t (and if you are trying to figure out where like fruit picking where there is no way my kid is using those rent-a-loos). Is it just my kids that act like the public restroom is a playroom and touch EVERYTHING?


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    Lauralee Hensley says:

    Boy, I can relate to a few of these. The limp noodle dressing is in the past for me for kiddos, but I have a dog that every time I go to put his harness on him so I can take him out for a walk that it drives me nuts. He gets too excited and I often end up getting on backwards on him and have to take it off and put it on again. Something that should take less than a minute and it can wind up taking eight.
    The on the phone thing. I’ve been through that too many times to mention. Yep, unfortunately I’ve used the bribe method here with both the kiddos and the dogs to be able to continue the conversation.
    They say it gets easier as they get older, so just
    What’s the reality you ask? It’s one day they’ll be the parent and going through what you’re going through.

  2. 2
    Nancy says:

    Yup, I remember these annoying things. It is reassuring to know that “this too shall pass” as they get older!

  3. 3
    Cyndi says:

    Oh the things I have to look forward too!

  4. 4
    Angala says:


    I come to your blog all the time – love your posts.

    I was wondering if you would consider a post on bullying pre-schoolers. Recently I have been in situation where my child is being physically abused in front of my eyes and I am not being able to do anything about it. You must be thinking – why are you nuts? But it gets a little tricky. This other kid is my friend’s son and he clearly struggling with some issues. Whenever he gets a chance he whacks a kid around him – I am not talking a small whack – but repeated punches, biting and so on. Also, my kid is not the only one who is being targeted – he hits everyone around him like there is no tomorrow. All the parents(including me) just separate the kids and roll their eyes but are too scared to say anything, because they might burn bridges.

    It is getting very troubling for me now, because now my kids have started to stand for themselves and hit the kid back and the parents don’t like that. I swear that I have been teaching my kids to walk away and stay away from these situations but now as soon as they see this kid coming they are on an alert and whack the kid right back.

    Have you been in a situation like this. Honestly, I was of the opinion that the kids will sort it out among themselves but things are getting way out of hand. The other day my 5 yr old was scratched on his chest. I am not saying that my kid is an angel but they are only having episodes in this situation and they are totally fine in all other play situations.

    Have you been in similar situation. How do you resolve this if the parents are not open to listening and get defensive.


  5. 5
    Meghan says:

    Thank you! I’m still laughing as I type. That was the best long laugh I’ve had in…I don’t know but it’s been a long time! I started with the alltime stripper. We don’t have that in our house (yet) but you are an excellent writer. I could see it all. You’re hysterical. Wait, no, I’m hysterical cuz you’re funny.

    Thanks again for sharing. More Friday 5s like this one!

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