Friday 5: 5 Annoying Things When I’m In The Driving Seat!

FRIDAY 5 | | November 6, 2009 at 7:40 pm


Hey, there, are you new to the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series? If yes then welcome and thanks for stopping by but if you are a regular, then you already got that look plastered on the face and ready to get going. One of my pet peeves is all the rocking drama that happens when you get behind the wheel. Ok, yes the antics of my kiddos is enough to make any mama want to trade her babes for a venti chai latte but I am talking about those other brats, the ones driving the other vehicles on the road.

  • Get off the fast lane if you are well… not fast! If there is just one lane I will suck it up and mutter a few unmentionables but forgive you for strolling along, but in a multi-lane road there is absolutely no excuse. Oh and it is not just older folks that do this, and you know who I mean. And if any of you want to make some snarky comment about my speed might be the issue (and that includes hubby dearest) especially after that $200 ticket I got during the July 4th weekend, let me remind you that it was my only (and I mean only) ticket in 10 years.
  • Don’t multi-task while driving if you can’t do it well, better yet don’t do it all. I will be one to admit I will have a conversation on the phone while driving but I always practice safety. You can normally tell when someone is not keeping up with traffic they are on the phone. We all have seen people eating but I have seen some crazy stuff while driving: women putting makeup (and I don’t just mean touching up the lipstick), men putting on ties and also guys shaving.
  • Those turn signals are not just pretty accessories. They are meant to indicate the direction you “want” to turn and NOT the direction are “ALREADY” turning. If you are not used to using them, locate them immediately for you and everyones safety (and sanity). My biggest gripe is when drivers wither don’t use it or use it late when turning left, which leaves poor me stuck close behind and not enough distance to overtake or too little opportunity to change lanes.
  • Tailgating is not a prelude to tailgating parties. Let’s keep the distance, it give you and me some room to move. If I cannot see your license plate in my rear view mirror, you are TOO close. Sometimes people do this in bumper-to-bumper traffic for fear that another car will gap in, but seriously how late would that make you?
  • The driving lane is no place for driver-to-driver conversations. Far be it for Mommy Niri to prevent any social interactions to occur, in fact I am a huge fan of it, but not when you are blocking traffic and the conversation is more than the “hi there, hope you are fine!” ilk then you need to pull over guys. Actually this annoys me as much as when someone asks lengthy directions from the toll booth while a long line behind waits anxiously.
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    Lauralee Hensley says:

    Yes, especially the tailgaters. Let me explain why it’s my biggest pet peeve, because I was in a car as a kid and the brakes failed. My older sister was driving us to a church youth rally. She got off the interstate via an off ramp and drove down towards a stop light. She hit the brakes, and guess what, no brakes. Thankfully she was able to turn quickly into another lane and grab the emergency brake. We finally stopped in the intersection.
    God was really looking out for us because the traffic that had the green light hadn’t started moving forward yet, even though they could have.
    If they had we would have been broadsided with my sister and 5 younger kids in the car.
    Yet, I always wondered, what if she hadn’t had an opening to swing into the other lane, and what if in the other lane there was a car in front of her like there was in the previous lane.
    I don’t want to be rear ended if the car behind me has a brake failure like that. Yet, if they were far enough behind maybe they’d have enough time to try their emergency brake like my sister did.
    What caused the brake failure, air had gotten into the lines from a very tiny little hole that was probably caused by a sharp rock hitting the area.
    Stop following so close you tailgaters, because you never know.

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    Aparna says:

    I had to come back and comment here. I have to agree with turn signals. Just on my way back from lunch, I experienced the abrupt right turn right in front of me with no signal. (!)

    Another well written post Niri!

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