Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Giveaway. Win Blue Ray Disc, DVD And Plush Set!

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Congratulations Melissa!

Who has not seen Snow White? It is one of those movies that has several versions but all form something of a magical connection with the viewer. It is something that your grandma has probably seen and chances are pretty good that your grandchild will be seeing it too. Few movies can pass that test. You know the spiel, Disney opens the vault every so often and something magical appears. Well here is where the excitement untangles, tradition meets technology, or rather Snow White meets Blu-Ray DVD. It is with exciting news to announce that on October 6th  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition . will be released. If you who already own Snow White on VHS or DVD, click here to grab a $10 off coupon for the new Diamond Edition Combo Pack!  Offer is only good until October 20, but starting this fall Disney will introduce their Blu-ray Upgrade program so you will be able to upgrade other Disney titles in your library too!

I have to admit Snow White, um, not such a big fan of, but those dwarfs I totally love. I mean their “Hi-ho it’s off to work I go” has to be one of the most coolest songs out there.

You can trust Mommy Niri (thank you One2One Network) to always bring you some magic to take home. Well taking home a Snow White DVD would be fab right? How about a Snow White Blu-Ray Disc too? The Blu-Ray ensures longevity and quality to your viewing.  This special Diamond Edition provides several extras including games and backstage scenes and more. Where do you sign up? Well hold your horses because Mommy Niri is going to add the icing on the cake with giving you a plush pack of those 7 dwarfs too? How sweet is that?

How to win the Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs?

Tell me which is your favorite dwarf and why (”count me in” type comments will not count). Make sure that you enter the correct contact details. Contest closes 18th October 2009. To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest.

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  1. 201
    Randall Curran says:

    I subscribe to Mommy Neri

  2. 202
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  4. 204
    leloni says:

    I like grumpy ’cause I am always grumpy :)

  5. 205
    Becky says:

    I’m a grumpy fan, because he reminds me of my husband.

  6. 206
    Meaghan F. says:

    I love Dopey. He’s absolutely hilarious!

  7. 207
    Holly W. says:

    I love Grumpy, I guess because he reminds me of my!

  8. 208
    Holly W. says:

    I follow on Twitter and Tweeted!

  9. 209
  10. 210
  11. 211
    janna says:

    Sleepy of course because I’m alway exhausted!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  12. 212
    rint says:

    I love Doc the best.

  13. 213
  14. 214
  15. 215
    Suzanne M. Denys says:

    I love Happy!

  16. 216
    Stacy says:

    I’ve been rather Grumpy this week due to the rainy weather so I would have to choose Grumpy!

  17. 217
  18. 218
    Michelle Passerallo says:

    Subscriber!Would love to win for my neices!

  19. 219
    christopher h says:

    i like bashful, because i’m shy too

  20. 220
    Rosey says:

    Dopey is my favorite. His sweet innocence is endearing.

  21. 221
    Rosey says:

    I just became a Facebook Fan (Missy Jones).

    Thank you!

  22. 222
    Rosey says:

    I subscribe.

    Thank you.

  23. 223
    Anna says:

    I like Dopey because he’s so oblivious.

  24. 224
    Linda says:

    I like Sleepy he reminds me alot of myself!

  25. 225
  26. 226
    Marcia says:

    I like Dopey because he has this dumb cuteness about him like a little puppy.

    learningmama at yahoo dot com

  27. 227
    Jessica says:

    Dopey is my favorite because he’s so darn cute and silly. :)

  28. 228
  29. 229
    Keitha says:

    I like Grumpy the best becuase he reminds me of me alot! Thanks!

  30. 230
    Keitha says:

    I follow

  31. 231
    Keitha says:

    I subscribe! Thanks

  32. 232
    Erica G says:

    My favorite has always been Sleepy. I can relate to him. we are both always tired. Thanks!

  33. 233
    Ken Robinson says:

    I’ve always considered myself a cross between Bashful and Dopey. Easy, ’cause I’m bashful and sometimes act dopey. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  34. 234
    Kamani says:

    My daughter reminds me of sleepy – hence he is my favorite

  35. 235
  36. 236
    Jennifer G says:

    I like Dopey because I think he’s cute.

  37. 237
    Jennifer G says:

    Fan on facebook.

  38. 238
    Jennifer G says:

    Follow your blog on facebook.

  39. 239
  40. 240
    Jennifer G says:

    I subscribe.

  41. 241
    Nancy V says:

    I like Grumpy. He reminds me of one of my best friends.

  42. 242
    rachel burke says:

    sleepy , i m sleepy too

  43. 243
  44. 244
    Michele says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! This would make an awesome gift for Disney lovers of all ages. My kids love Disney and I love that they do because, it’s safer and more wholesome than some of the shows now days. Disney movies are also very magical. My favorite dwarf is sleepy because, he loves to sleep. I have problems with falling asleep at night so when I do fall asleep, I love to stay asleep!

  45. 245
  46. 246
    evelyn matias says:

    for my boys

  47. 247
    Melissa D says:

    I like Dopey because he makes me laugh!


  48. 248
    Brittney says:

    i like dopey because he’s just so sweet.

  49. 249
    Daniel M says:

    dopey is always fun to watch

  50. 250

    I love Dopey- he’s just so cute and I feel kinda dopey sometimes too!
    Oh Mommy Niri I LOVE this giveaway!! Thank you!!I can’t imagine how beautiful this movie will appear on DVD-

  51. 251
  52. 252
    Kathy Scott says:

    I like Grumpy because sometimes he just reminds me of me.

  53. 253
  54. 254
    Jaque says:

    Oh, I am torn between Sneezy and Dopey, Sneezy because he is just so funny when he can barely do anything without sneezing and Dopey, because he is just so goofy and clueless.

    Thank you. :-)

  55. 255
    Jeff Heyer says:

    Dopey because I think he and I were separated at birth

  56. 256
    ReggieMann says:

    Favorite is Grumpy – my niece’s nickname :D

  57. 257
    ky2here says:

    Grumpy – if you knew me, you’d understand!

  58. 258
  59. 259
    ky2here says:

    Following you on twitter as ky2here.

  60. 260
  61. 261
  62. 262
    Laura DeLuca says:

    I like bashful because he’s shy like me

  63. 263
  64. 264
  65. 265
    Laura DeLuca says:

    follow blog on FB

  66. 266
    Laura DeLuca says:

    email subscriber

  67. 267
    Ed Nemmers says:

    Bashful; it is what I used to be!

  68. 268
    Anita says:

    Dopey is my favorite Dwarf because he’s so cute (and because he has no facial hair… I like clean-shaven!) :)

    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  69. 269
    Anita says:

    I tweeted…
    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  70. 270
    Sonya says:

    I love Dopey!

  71. 271
    Donna K says:

    I am a Mommy Niri Facebook Fan

  72. 272
    Donna K says:

    At times I am Grumpy!

  73. 273
    Donna K says:

    I Follow Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook

  74. 274
  75. 275
    Donna K says:

    I follow your blog.

  76. 276
    Donna K says:

    Button on my blog.

  77. 277
    Erma says:

    I love Basful cause he is so shy.

  78. 278
  79. 279
    Cristi says:

    I have always loved dopey!

  80. 280
    Aaron says:

    My favorite dwarf is Sneezey. As a kid, I thought his sneezing all the time was the funniest thing ever!

  81. 281
    dianne says:

    Dopey because I always felt sorry for him.

  82. 282
    denyse says:

    Bashful. Who wouldn’t love him. They say to watch out for the quiet ones, don’t they!

  83. 283
    latisha depoortere says:

    I like sleepy the best Im always sleepy I think he is cute!

  84. 284
    latisha depoortere says:

    Im a subscriber too!

  85. 285
    Tesa S. says:

    Gotta go with Dopey. He seems to be Snow’s fave and he has cute, big ears.

  86. 286
  87. 287
    Kimberly L says:

    Sleepy, because I am always tired

  88. 288
    Ellie W says:

    I’ve always loved Bashful and Grumpy. I wanted to give Bashful a hug when I was little and I named one of my dogs after Grumpy years ago.

  89. 289
    Sara Keyser says:

    Dopey because he is funny

  90. 290
    Julie says:

    Dopey – he makes me laugh every time!

  91. 291
    Julie says:

    Following you on twitter and teweeted under juliemeagan

  92. 292
    Kat Emerick says:

    Bashful…. thats

  93. 293
    JoAnn L. says:

    I love Sneezy because he’s just so cute and I sneeze like a million times so I often get called Sneezy.

  94. 294
    Jackee says:

    I like Dopey!

  95. 295
  96. 296
    Mir says:

    Sleepy! Cause I identify with him the most. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  97. 297
    gordon says:

    I love Dopey because he makes my son laugh!

  98. 298
    Pamela says:

    Grumpy because underneath he is a big softie

  99. 299
    Jammie says:

    I like Grumpy he is so cute with that grumpy face reminds me of my daughter when she pouted

  100. 300
    Jammie says:

    I am a facebook fan Jammie Morey

  101. 301
  102. 302
  103. 303
    Gabriel J. says:

    I like Dopey!

  104. 304
    L.D. says:

    Grumpy is my favorite. I love him. He represents my alter ego.

  105. 305
    Karrie says:

    I love Grumpy

  106. 306
    Annette E says:

    I like Doc because he’s the smart one.

  107. 307
    Paula H says:

    I’ve always loved Bashful because he’s the cutest.

  108. 308
    Chrysa says:

    I like Doc because he is the most sensible!

  109. 309

    I love Dopey. He is the sweetest one. And I love it when his whole head blushes.

  110. 310
    Chrysa says:

    I’m a Facebook fan.

  111. 311
  112. 312
    Chrysa says:

    I’m following your blog!

  113. 313
    Jennifer M says:

    My favorite is doc because he was the leader.

  114. 314
    sal williams says:

    Even though my child was a double for Dopey until her first birthday so I have a sense of loyalty to dear Dopey my
    favorite dwarf has always been sweet,shy Bashful.

  115. 315
    Amanda D. says:

    My favorite dwarf is Grumpy. He reminds me of my husband. macd82 at gmail dot com

  116. 316
    Maggie M says:

    I love Doc. I like smart guys :)

  117. 317
    Karen says:

    I like Dopey because he’s just so sweet and innocent.

  118. 318
    trin says:

    follow u on facebook

  119. 319
    trin says:

    follow u on twitter @sweepsspot

  120. 320
  121. 321
    Gay T says:

    Dopey has always been my favorite. He’s the funniest one.

  122. 322
    Carol Lawrence says:

    Dopey because he reminds me of my husband.

  123. 323
    Carol Lawrence says:

    Yahoo reader subscriber.

  124. 324
    Carol Lawrence says:

    Facebook follower.

  125. 325
    Carol Lawrence says:

    Facebook fan. jelly15301 —

  126. 326
    Justine says:

    My fave dwarf would be Bashful cause he’s just so sweet and cute :D

  127. 327
    Justine says:

    I’m your fan on facebook

    justine pierson

  128. 328
    Justine says:

    I’m following your blog on facebook

    justine pierson

  129. 329
    Justine says:

    I’m following you on twitter and I retweeted!

  130. 330
    Patti Sherman says:

    Grumpy as he reminded me of a friend who was always grumpy

  131. 331

    Sneezy is my fave, mostly because I can relate, but also because he’s cute!

  132. 332

    I’m a fan on facebook! Sheila H.

  133. 333

    I follow you on facebook too. Sheila H.

  134. 334

    I subscribe via email!

  135. 335
    Candie L says:

    I actually love Dopey. Thank you

  136. 336
    Susan Smith says:

    I like Dopey because he is so cute

  137. 337
    amy delong says:

    grumpy because he is like me!


  138. 338
    judy chapman says:

    I love Grumpy…….

  139. 339
    Jessica says:

    I love Sleepy, I could use some extra energy myself LOL

  140. 340
    Jessica says:

    Email subscriber

  141. 341
    Jessica says:

    I follow on Twitter as Jessilyn82 and tweeted

  142. 342
    amy delong says:

    I subscribe


  143. 343
    Melissa M says:

    I love Dopey! He’s just so cute with his wiggly ears.

  144. 344
  145. 345
    Rhonda Clemens says:

    I love Bashful, because he is so shy, but what a cutie, reminds me of my lil boy!

  146. 346
    Siobhan says:

    I like Doc the best. I had a miniature toy of him.

  147. 347
    Kate says:

    Definitely grumpy, because I feel like him in the mornings!

  148. 348
  149. 349
    kathy pease says:

    i love grumpy because he is just like me :)

  150. 350
    kathy pease says:

    fan on facebook kathylpease

  151. 351
    kathy pease says:

    following on facebook networked blogs kathylpease

  152. 352
  153. 353
    tim hughes says:

    Dopey is my favorite dwarf.

  154. 354
    tim hughes says:

    I am a fan on facebook-tim hughes

  155. 355
    tim hughes says:

    I already subscribe via email-titletowntreasures(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  156. 356
    Lucinda Habel says:

    Following and tweeted.

  157. 357
    tim hughes says:

    I tweeted this great giveaway-

  158. 358
    Lucinda Habel says:

    Love Dopey!

  159. 359
    gloria says:

    i like Happy the best!

  160. 360
    gloria says:

    facebook fan – gloria mckellar

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    gloria says:

    follow networked blog-gloria mckellar

  162. 362
    gloria says:

    subscribe email

  163. 363
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    gloria says:

    follow your blog

  165. 365
  166. 366
  167. 367
    Terry C says:

    I like bashful because he is most like me.

  168. 368
    sara m says:

    sleepy, because i always am.

  169. 369
    Brian E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…Our daughters always loved the “Sneezy” dwarf.

  170. 370
    Brian E. says:

    Following via Twitter: @brianpiero


  171. 371
    sal says:

    The guy who runs the show, “Doc” is my favorite dwarf of all.

  172. 372
    denice p says:

    Grumpy- even though he is literally grumpy all the time he as a good heart that is kind. just want to kiss his cheek!

  173. 373
    Naddez says:

    My fave is Sleepy. I love to take daily naps!! :)

  174. 374
    Veronica Garrett says:

    Grumpy is my favorite. He tries to ne grumpy but he is really a sweetheart and he loves Snow White as much as the others.

  175. 375
    Naddez says:

    Facebook fan. (Quanda)

  176. 376
  177. 377
    Sand says:

    Bashful is my favorite because he’s most like me.

  178. 378
    Anita says:

    I blogged about this…
    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  179. 379
    DanV says:

    My favorite is grumpy because I can relate to him

  180. 380
    Laura says:

    I like Dopey! Would LOVE to win, my 6 year old is so big into Snow White!

  181. 381
    Laura says:

    I’m a facebook fan- Laura Klawitter

  182. 382
    Marcy Strahan says:

    I love Doc the most because he is the smartest & most clever.
    He is in control & the other follow him…He’s a true leader!

  183. 383
    heather says:

    Dopey b/c is was adorable!!

  184. 384
    heather says:

    Facebook fan!

  185. 385
    Marcy Strahan says:

    Facebook fan of Mommy Niri!

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    heather says:

    Following on facebook!

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    Marcy Strahan says:


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    heather says:


  189. 389
    Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    Bashful is my fave!

  190. 390
    Marcy Strahan says:


  191. 391
    Shannon says:

    Grumpy, because he reminds me of someone I know

  192. 392
    Gianna says:

    Grumpy because he makes me laugh :)

  193. 393
    Shannon says:


  194. 394
    Priscilla P. says:

    Sleepy b/c that’s how I feel right now! Goodnight and thank you for the contest.

  195. 395
    rajee says:

    Dopey is my favorite dwarf.

  196. 396
    rajee says:

    Join Mommy Niri Facebook Fan Page

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    rajee says:

    Follow Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook

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    rajee says:

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    I want to follow you but email me where to find google friend connect

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