Type A Mom Conference Brings Bloggers Unplugged!

MY VIEWS | | October 16, 2009 at 7:07 pm

I am so overdue for a post that I almost felt like I should skip it, I mean how embarrassing is it that it is almost a month before I am publishing this? Nevertheless I decided it was worth digging my head out of the sand of shame to share my experiences. Firstly I was always touch and go about attending, with finances being very tight,  also with the Blogalicious conference less than 2 weeks from this (where I was going to speak so I could not miss it). Then I decided sponsor in arm and twitter buddies on my mind to bite the bullet. Then the Ninja Master Prep with Food Network star Robin Miller event in New York came up the day before just to throw a spanner in the works.

To confuse things further the details of the sponsorship details about lodging became muddled and I opted out just to make it easier (note to self: always make the details well listed in a contract). How is that for stress? Finally hubby convinced me to  bite the bullet and head there and reassured me he would hold down the fort. So heart heavy, head muddled and pocket empty I headed to Asheville, North Carolina. I was dreading the happy atmosphere as I knew the concerns running riot at home. I arrived by Friday noon which meant the conference was already in full swing. I purposely donned no makeup or special clothes. I figured this conference was going to take me as I was or the heck with it. And guess what? That is precisely what I ended up loving about it.

I met with several of my favorite bloggy buddies and made new ones. I was part of the Office Max “Max Moms” team and we played several games. I opted out of the pricey dinners and did not feel an ounce of regret as I got to blog my Friday 5 (5 Signs That hubby has been taking care of the kids) I managed to relax and hangout with my friends and it was more than BlogHer could have offered me. The next day at the panels I managed to voice my opinion on 2 topics, and was surprised at the supportive reception both got. One being that if you live  ethically you will blog ethically and the other questioning who controls (aka the president of) the mommy blogging club to try to tell everyone  how they should blog. Follow the conversation on twitter with #typeamom hashtag or catch a whrrl story!

Photo courtesy of Rick Bucich

Photo courtesy of Rick Bucich

I am one to normally keep my nose to the grindstone and lift my head up a few times to say hello. I hate calling attention to myself but was glad for the opportunity to say my piece. Type A Mom was a wonderful effort by Kelby Carr and it is amazing that it is her first conference. The fact that sponsors and bloggers were having (heated) discussions also proved the success that these are touchy topics that were getting in the open.

Sure, road trip partner Jennifer (Savorthethyme) and I were lost a bit on the way back but you can be sure I will find my way back to Type A Mom Conference 2010!

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